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144 Do-Follow Forums

Participating in forums relevant to your niche is one of the best ways to get relevant and targeted traffic to your sites and blogs.

Internet forums are so widely used and have thousands of members that ask questions and engage in discussions and that large audience can turn into targeted traffic that can lead to lots of sales and subscribers. If you have not utilized the power of forums in your Internet Marketing endeavors that you are really missing out.

Plus the fact that any good Internet marketing strategy involves a diverse backlink portfolio, so getting links from different IP's and domains that are related to your site is the best way to higher SERP ranks, and forum sig links are decent places to get some links.

Posting in do-follow forums can give you a nice backlink for link building and search engine optimization. The do-follow forum link comes from a link you set in the signature option of your profile, referred to as a sig link. This sig link appears at the bottom of your forum posts. So, every time you post that's a backlink! Remember to use a good anchor text for SEO but also make sure it is eye catching for the forum audience to get the click!

Make sure to read the TOS and Posting Rules to make sure that you will not get banned. Also check out all the topics available in the forum many of them have a section for website promotion, guides, articles and how-to's where you can refer to your sites within the post itself.

Make sure to sound like an expert (no typos) this can bring lots of traffic!

Getting targeted traffic from forum sites is one way to make money online right away, while waiting for SEO to take affect and SERP ranks for the organic traffic. Since most of the forum traffic is highly targeted they are much more likely to buy.

Do-Follow Forums with PR by Niche

Webmaster/SEO/Internet Marketing Do-Follow Forums - PR7 - PR7 - Post requirement prior to sig link - PR6 - PR6 - PR6 - PR5 - PR5 - PR4 - PR4 - PR4 - PR4 - PR4 - PR4 - PR4 - PR4 - PR4 - PR4 - PR4 - PR3 - PR3 - PR3 - PR3 - PR3 - PR3 - PR3 - PR3 - PR3 - PR3 - PR3 - Member for 30 days before sig link - PR3 - PR3 - PR3 - PR2 - PR2 - PR2 - PR2 - PR1 - PR1 - PR0 - PR0 - PR0 - PR0 - PR0 - PR0 - All about domains - PR4
International Webmaster/SEO Do-Follow Forums
Australia - - PR3
UK - - PR2
Phillipines - - PR0

Blogging Do-Follow Forums - PR7 - All Feeds Topics - PR6 - PR5 - "Favorite RSS Feeds" thread to promote your blogs - PR5 - PR5 - PR4 - Has a Show of Your Blog Thread! - PR4 - PR0 - PR7 - German Based Forum

Web Design/Development/Code/Photoshop Do-Follow Forums - PR7 - PR6 - PR6 - PR5 - PR5 - PR4 - PR4 - PR3 - PR0 - PR9 - Adobe and Flash topics

Electronics/Gadgets/Computers/Digital Hardware/Software/iPhone/Tech/IT Do-Follow Forums - PR7 - PR7 - PR6 - choose Country and Forum Topic - PR5 - Digital Media/DVD, Digital Cameras etc...No-Follow but allow sig link and very high traffic - PR5 - PR5 - PR4 - PR4 - Various PR - PR0 - Various PR

Humor - PR0

Laptop/Notebooks Do-Follow Forums - PR5 - PR5 - I think it's no-follow but has mass traffic - PR4 - Not sure if do-follow but allows sig link and has mass traffic and bonuses for posting

Video Gaming/Gaming Do-Follow Forums - PR8 - PR8 - PR5 - PR3 - Has a special section for link dropping - PR0

Books Do-Follow Forums - PR7 - PR3

VOIP Do-Follow Forums - PR6

Wedding/Bridal Do-Follow Forums - PR4 - Sig link allowed after probation period and it's no-follow, but big traffic. - PR2 - Not sure if do-follow, but lots of traffic

Tatoo/Body Art/Piercing - PR2

Work at Home Moms/WHAM Do-Follow Forums - PR4

Science Do-Follow Forums - PR7

Forum Software Do-Follow Forums - PR7

Owners and Admin of Online Communities Do-Follow Forums - PR5

Math Do-Follow Forum - PR8

Comics Do-Follow Forum - PR5

Photo Related Do-Follow Forums - PR8 - PR7 - PR3 - PR3 (Australia)

Home and Garden Do-Follow Forums - PR5 - Blog link below each post and parses latest posts - PR4 - Parses latest posts near your username in forum posts - PR4 - Lots of Traffic! - PR2

Education/Schools Do-Follow Forums - PR8

MIDI/Music Mixing/Musicians/Entertainment Do-Follow Forums - PR5 - PR4 - American Idol Vote - PR3 - PR3 - Australia based

My Space Forum = PR6

Credit Cards/Banking/Money/Investment/Finance Do-Follow Forums - PR6 - PR6 - PR4 - PR2

Cellular/Mobile/SMS Do-Follow Forums - PR7 - PR5 - No-follow but lots of traffic - PR3

Dogs/Pets Do-Follow Forums - PR4 - PR4 - No follow but great traffic - PR4

Health/Vitamins/Weight Loss Do-Follow Forums - PR3

Travel Do-Follow Forums - PR4 - PR4 - PR3

Movies/Video Do-Follow Forums - PR6 - PR5

Sports Do-Follow Forums - PR4 - PR2

Pagan/Witchcraft/Herbology Do-Follow Forums - PR3

Cooking/Chefs/Food Do-Follow Forums - PR4 - PR3 PR3 - PR2

Hosting/Web Sales/Domains/Design Do-Follow Forums - PR3

Real Estate Do-Follow Forums - PR3

Satellite TV/Dish Do-Follow Forums - PR2

Joomla Do-Follow Forum - PR8

Horses Do-Follow Forums

For my friend Glenda

Various Topics
If you guys know of any do-follow forums I missed please leave links in comments or contact me and I will add it to the list.

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