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The drastic change in the social media landscape over the last ten years has had a major impact on all aspects of our lives and sports industry is in no way an exception.

Today, sports events and social media go hand in hand. We’re witnessing an era where every team, league, or sports association has at least one social media profile where they announce all important information. Moreover, it became impossible to scroll down your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account during a major sports event and not have your news feed overwhelmed with information, real-time gifs, vines, or memes about it. Also, almost every sports event or show has a related hashtag which creates a relationship with the audience and brings a fast response. Athletes use social media to establish their name, communicate with their fans, announce their activities, and even promote brands and make money, as they have millions of followers.

The infographic below, created by the Betting Sites team, will help you understand the growing impact of social media on sports and learn many interesting facts that you probably didn’t know.

impact of social media on sports

How To Be A Cut Above The Average Tech Company

A Few Cuts Above The Average Grade

There are a lot of questions being asked by professionals in the tech industry.

Technology comes to use in a number of ways, and one of the prominent tools are developed from agencies that innovate digital technology, which is used by everyone with a computer or a connection to the Internet. This is a time for many agencies to benefit as they improve the society we live in with technology and the specialization of daily features. 

Congratulations in becoming a leading tech agency. The decision we make is toward your final consumer. Someone will use your products and services, and this will allow for you to create what professional marketers call a consumer profile. There’s an ideal person alive that would buy what you have to offer. 

All you need to do is offer it but with strategy. The final outcome is an understanding of the people in your industry and how they can connect with your brand or product. 

Who Are The Major Leaders Of The Tech Industry

Tech firms that consider the advances of online marketing are digital in nature. 

These agencies fit the profile of a firm that offers blockchain technology, that creates software and that improves how people use tablets and phones. These types of tech solutions require a unique support system based on the innovation they provide and the cooperation with the people they will serve. The strategy is inevitably SEO.

People remain key to our success, and we’ll cover them shortly in organic SEO services

The major leaders of the tech industry are also specialists like you. 

We realize that years of hard work have gone into your idea. This is why you’re unique. You can only specialize when you master a concept and then continue to build off of your mastery. There are few agencies who fully understand this model. The specialization you endured can now be matched with our specialization in SEO. 

We’re an agency focused on the way you expand.

Why A Large Movement By People Always Matter

The secret behind how our clever campaigns generate traffic is people. 

This means we need to understand a great deal about your product and service. The solutions you have is only as good as the ideal person to use it. Both sides of this marketing equation uses a reverse engineering process that tries to determine why a solution is relevant and how the presence of people is a major indication. 

Technology is sensitive regarding SEO services. 

People have to support the new ideas emerging. There was once a business environment where most products and services could leverage great advertising and messaging without much competition. The modern consumer has access to such a large number of options that you have first understand who they are in order to provide the solutions they need. 

We know that you’ve done the initial work. We’re now here to expand that work and bring you to the ideal campaign that can only come by through SEO.

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Google's New AI Feature Sounds Like A Real Human

Google CEO Sundar Pichai demoed a jaw-dropping new feature today at Google I/O 2018, the tech giant's annual developer conference, that may one day come to the company's voice-activated Google Assistant: a completely natural-sounding AI that can call up a human receptionist and schedule appointments on your behalf.

It's called Google Duplex, and it is very possibly the creepiest feature ever shown off at a technology conference. Seriously, just listen to this conversation Pichai demonstrated between the Google Assistant and a real person at a real salon:

Say you want to make a haircut appointment on Tuesday morning between 10 a.m. and noon. Google Assistant makes the call seamlessly in the background for you, Pichai explained onstage.
"Hi, I'm calling to book a women's haircut for a client," the AI, a "woman" with natural-sounding human cadence, said to a human receptionist in the demo.
"Sure, give me one second," the receptionist replied.
"Mm-hmm," responded the AI, naturally, colloquially, DECEPTIVELY, as if it were a real human being.

In another example, Google Assistant called a small restaurant to book a table. Similarly, the poor woman who answered the phone had no idea she was talking to AI on the other end of the line.

"Four people? When? Today? Tonight?" the receptionist said to the AI.
"Um, next Wednesday, at 6 p.m.," said the AI, now with a male-sounding voice.

But according to CNET, the demo is simply part of an "experiment" that will roll out to a "small" number of people this summer.

CNET also said that Google refused to do a live demo with its reporter, which suggests the AI is probably still pretty imperfect — unlike the two demos Google showed off onstage.

Besides, as a newly published Google blog post stated, Duplex can only carry out natural conversations "after being deeply trained" in certain specific domains.

In these two cases, Duplex has only been trained in restaurant and hair salon bookings. It "cannot carry out general conversations," the company elaborated, and it will also experiment with "the right approach over the coming months."
When Google's AI system decides it can't complete the task autonomously, it hands it off to a human operator, the blog post said.

So no, don't expect to be unknowingly conversing with AI anytime soon.

Still, Google Duplex brings up interesting questions about whether tech companies have an ethical responsibility to disclose when they've injected natural-looking and sounding AI into ordinary human interactions.

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