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What all the Key Features to be Added while developing a Uber Clone After Covid-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has created headaches for taxi service providers with one such complicated problem being Driver Retention. Here due to the risk of infection and the dip in ride volumes, the drivers have turned away from their responsibilities. This article will tell how an Uber clone can help in optimizing both driver retention and your taxi business during this gloomy COVID-19 era.


(i) Ascertaining Driver Safety


At present, nothing can be valued more than human health and well-being. Thus encouraging your driver base regarding the usage of face masks and hand sanitizers is seen as an effective move to break the infection flow. Thereby you can insert partition shields in the vehicles and integrate smart mask recognition software along with other safety precautions checklist before the driver accepts any ride. By this way, you are building trust that you hold the well-being of both the drivers and riders in high regards.


(ii) Paying importance to income transparency


To satiate the driver base during grim times, on-time remunerations are the most applicable solutions. With a highly personalized digital solution, you can manage and monitor the revenue flow for the business. Then you can take care of automating the payroll processing for all your drivers based on their individual commission rates.

The drivers must also be able to get a clear understanding regarding their revenue via an earning tab that is featured in the driver app.


Now when we speak about the rider base, they can pay for their rides through digital means and they will get invoices that are generated automatically. Thanks to the smart ride fare calculator that comes as a part of the digital solution, you can build up the trust of your both present and prospective users.

This will serve to remove paperwork where a lot of time and cost are conserved.


(iii) Contactless payments

It is best to avoid traditional modes of payments and embrace online/digital payments making way for what is called Contactless payments. This way, both the riders, as well as the drivers, are safe from the risk of being infected while getting access to rides.


With zero-contact payment, the riders are provided with a multitude of payment options that includes the likes of app wallet, credit/debit card payment and lots more.


Thus, via a digital solution, you can integrate a fare calculator and take care of the income flow where the rider base can make instant payments without the problem of carrying cash in hand. Furthermore, all such transactions are end-to-end encrypted, thus offering greater security.


(iv) Rewards


When the drivers get timely rewards from you, it will help to optimize productivity and further strengthen the bond between the employees and the employers.

With the help of a digital solution, you can easily track how drivers are good in performance and credit them with apt rewards. The UberEats clone solution, in this case, will help to organize referral programs and offer bonuses when the drivers can add new drivers into your network. In this way, driver retention is taken care of along with adding new drivers into your business.


(v) Developing more opportunities


When you are wondering how to retain drivers, the best answer for that is to minimize their idle times and making them completely engaged. You can add On-Demand Delivery as a part of your existing business and make the drivers carry out doorstep deliveries aside from accepting rides. This is a clever move because On-Demand Delivery Businesses are gaining more popularity in this pandemic.


So integrating on-demand delivery services in your digital solution paves the way for greater business growth and development in the coming times.


(vi) In-app marketing


With your digital taxi solution, you can offer offers and discounts for the riders when they use some given digital payment gateways to pay for their rides. As a result, user retention is optimized where the existing customers come back for more of your services, and it will add new users to use your ride-hailing app. This will optimize the app downloads and increase your user base as well simultaneously.



If you wish to increase your chances of success and thereby optimize your taxi business, you are welcome to approach our team at Uberdoo. By making use of our Uber Clone solution which speaks of the highest safety standards, you are paving the way for safe and secure rides for your rider base and your driver base.

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PrawinChandru is the ever-enthusiastic co-founder of the Canadian technology giant Uberdoo. Having a passion for innovation and creativity, he has helped the company to become a global leader in the development of ride-hailing app solutions for all types of businesses.

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