Friday, April 19, 2019

How Ecommerce Business Owners Can Address the Fears of Online Shoppers

How Ecommerce Business Owners Can Address the Fears of Online Shoppers It’s no secret that internet security is a major issue for both online business owners and shoppers alike. According to a recent study, 67% of respondents claimed they fear they’d fall victim to a data breach at some point in the future, and 56% of consumers in another study said they are more concerned about the safety of their data now than they were a year ago. 

 As data breaches become more prevalent, internet users have reason to believe that it’s only a matter of time before their data is compromised in some sort of attack. This poses major problems for ecommerce businesses. As user trust in ecommerce platforms attenuates, by consequence traffic and sales will suffer. 

So what can online business owners do to address the issue? 
While there is no way to guarantee that your site is 100% safe, there are basic measures you can take to make your site safer. For instance, updating all admin passwords regularly or even encrypting your site with SSL and HTTPS standards is a big step in the right direction. 

From there, you can make it your duty to update your teams about cybersecurity best practices and protocols so as to prevent team members falling for phishing scams. To learn more about what steps you can take to protect your business, check out the infographic below. 

How Business Owners Can Address Online Shopping Concerns

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Fotor - Review

Online Photo Editors

The power of online photo editors is on the upside, and there are a number of popular applications that are trying to keep up with their demanding user bases. These editors are used very commonly on social media and also to create video presentations. One of these applications that has really stood out to me is Fotor.

What is Fotor?

Fotor is one of those online photo editors which also works as a collage maker and comes with a full feature desktop application that offers RAW conversion support. Depending on which of Fotor's functionalities you need, you could choose either the online or desktop version. The desktop version is much more heavy duty. The choice will depend however, on how much functionality you need If you need functionality for RAW conversion then it is probably best to go for the desktop. If you only use the tool to do some light editing on JPEG and PNG files, the online editing tool is ideal.

RAW Support - Desktop version

This is where Fotor starts to contest against its well known counterparts photoshop and lightroom. Compared to those two, Fotor is much more affordable and comes with all the key features you need. The RAW support available on the desktop version brings fotor in the league of photoshop and lightroom, and while it is not as powerful, it serves the purpose without being decked with unnecessary features.

Editing, Collage making and Design

Fotor has 3 different modules for you. The editing module allows you to put captions, logos and touch up photos as required. As the name suggests, the collage making module will allow you to put together a bunch of images to look good together. The design module allows you to create graphics from scratch, powerful enough to get through a few of your smaller personal projects. Using these tools together allows you to make quite a range of image content.
Edit Module

If you are a photographer, this will be the module you use the most. It is perfect for retouching and editing photos to bring them closer to how you want them to look. The application has been made simple so that even a first time user can figure things out fairly quickly.

1-Tap Enhance

One of the things that makes Fotor stand out is how easily and quickly you are able to enhance your photos. If you have no time to spend, you can use this feature and rely on fotor to use its automatic editing features to work on your photos. The feature produces varying results and may not always get it right. Ideally, the enhancement tool should be used along with manual editing to get the results you want.

Other Fotor Features


You can use the fine-tune features of fotor to work on aspects of your photos such as shadows, exposure and highlights. These features are great for post-production work and changing the nuances of a photo.

Colour manipulation

Play around with the hues, saturation, temperature and tint on your photos. You can change the way a photo looks quite dramatically with these features.

Crop and Resize

Possibly one of the most used features of any editing tool, Fotor has kept this classic feature in-tact and mixed it up with extreme user friendly interfaces.


There are so many options to choose from in the effects panel. Use this to give your photos a different look, with smudges, grayscale and a host of other effects. You can use this effect to give a seasonal touch to photos. Fix blemishes, even out skin tones and do a lot more with effect tools.

HDR Images

One of the features that make Fotor a powerful tool is its ability to work with HDR images. Previously, this feature was largely restricted to expensive and high end photo editing softwares.

Fotor Mobile App

Use the mobile app to make sure you can edit photos anywhere on the go. The app also allows you to edit photos you've just clicked so that you can populate your instagram and facebook feeds while on the move with content that is relevant and stunning.


Fotor is powerful without being overwhelming. It has all the features necessary for work with school projects and other small personal projects. It is best used by photographers who do not have the time to learn the skills needed to work on more advanced and heavy duty softwares like photoshop and lightroom. With Fotor, it is easier to focus on your photography and make sure you are able to make the edits you need without much hassle. Definitely give the free version a shot, and if you like it, the pro version has a lot more features which you can use to give your photos the facelift that you think they need.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

So You Think You Won’t Ever Be Hacked?

We all know that there are hackers out there. We’ve heard the warnings, and we know that we need to do something to protect ourselves and our businesses against an attack. But knowing and doing something are often two different things.

While most of us understand that there is a threat coming from cybercriminals, it’s easy to get lax when it comes to security. The idea of a hack might seem very far off. Besides, why would a hacker bother with a small target like you?

That’s exactly the way the hackers want you to think. Modern day hackers are very different from how they are portrayed in movies.

You’d be surprised to know that 18 adults worldwide become victims of a cybercrime every second.

Cybercrimes are often performed by criminal syndicates, where hackers work in groups and have access to some sophisticated resources. Like any other business enterprise, these syndicates want to make sure that their staff is operating at peak efficiency, so they give them the best possible tools.

And like a lot of companies, they’ve moved over to automated hacking. Any half-way decent programmer can come up with a program that would help her to exploit vulnerabilities in a computer system.

She would build in a function that ensures the virus can replicate itself quickly and easily, and soon it would be spreading without any interference on the part of the criminal.

That said, it’s not true that you’re not an easy target. Your system might be breached any time and your information stolen.

Don’t rely on your anti-virus program to protect you completely. While most of these programs are good, they’re only a small part of the process when it comes to defending your system against attacks. They’re only effective against known threats, but they cannot stop you from clicking on suspicious links or downloading files infected with viruses.

Your best defense is to start taking online security a lot more seriously, even if it means bothering with extra work such as using and writing down different passwords for every site you use. It might be boring, but it will improve your online security.

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