Thursday, September 13, 2018

Plan Your Next Camping Trip With the Excellent Camping Apps

There is always that time of the year when you want to take a break from your busy day-to-day life and go on a much-needed soul-filling vacation. If you love nature, then one of the best experiences you can get is by going camping. I’ve gone on a couple of great camping trips, but mostly I was going along for the ride and was not in charge of all the planning. So, when I have gotten the urge to go camping, I just haven’t known where to start. I decided to do a little bit of research and find the best apps to help me plan my next camping trip. I came across a handy site called AppGrooves that has a top 10 list of supposedly the best camping apps.

I went through the list and tested a couple of the apps. There were some clear winners, so I chose my top 3 favourites and reviewed them.

KOA - Easily Find The Next Camping Spot

Nothing screams camping trip louder than KOA. I remember back in the good old days, it was a fun game to ride in the RV and compete to be the first one to spot the KOA campground sign! Now you can still play the game, but with the peace of mind that all your trip’s needs are covered before you arrive. You can easily find a campsite, RV site or cabin and secure your spot ahead of time. I particularly like the fact that you get alerts for road closures, weather reports, and other emergencies, so you can take any detours right on time and avoid unwanted surprises on the road.

The only drawback I found is that campsites are limited to KOA campgrounds (which makes sense). So, if you are looking for other options, I recommend using RV Parks & Campgrounds. However, if you are a loyal KOA camper like me, a great plus is that you can also enjoy your member rewards when you book your reservations right from the app!

RV Parks & Campgrounds - All Camping Needs To be Satisfied

My second pick for planning your next camping adventure is RV Parks & Campgrounds. The reason is you don’t have to worry about researching campsite locations or figuring out everything you need for your trip. RV Parks & Campgrounds helps you plan every step, down to your gas stops, RV-friendly stores and RV dumps stations too! I really like that you can easily find some great camping sites to visit, with detailed information, maps and most importantly, reviews from other campers!

RV Parks & Campgrounds has a vast library of campsites, rest areas, gas stations and more across North America. So, this is a great choice if you are planning a camping trip in the USA, Canada or Mexico. My best camping trip memories have been in this part of the world, so I can’t wait to see what new places I discover! Since I do like to keep my options open, I also found another great app if you are looking to camp on the other side of the pond, Europe. Read on for my last favorite pick!

Archies Camping Guide for your camping adventure in Europe

To close off my top 3 favourite camping apps, I had to include Archies Camping Guide. This is an excellent app if you are searching for some great campsites in Europe. It is like RV Parks & Campgrounds in that it has a huge database of different types of campsites, with map locations that are great for planning your trip route. I found that you can even filter search results to find only naturist campsites, small campsites or ones that are near highways!

I didn’t find detailed campsite information like in RV Parks & Campgrounds, but you do get all the essential information, like contact details and map locations for every site. With such a vast library of campsites, you won’t need to look anywhere else to find your next camping spot in Europe. Now all you need is somehow get over the pond (if you live in Americas of course).

These are the 3 best camping apps I thought might help campers like you and me. Next time you are planning on taking a road trip in your RV, you don’t need to waste time searching on Google for “RV parks near me” or “campgrounds near me”. Take these apps with you to easily plan your trip and be free to fully enjoy your next camping adventure. Thank you for reading.

“No matter if you’re hiking or swimming in a lake, you can use xFyro’s waterproof earbuds during your next camping trip to listen to your favourite music.

Monday, September 3, 2018

SEO Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses

Instead of speculating that you know about SEO or not, let me spare some lines about What SEO is? And why all businesses need this whether big or small?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” It is the way of increasing quantity as well as the quality of the traffic to the desired site through organic search engine results. Let’s make it a little simple; the bakery owner would urge to get the more customers to his shop that do not just visit but also purchase his products. Similarly, a person having an e-commerce business wants visitors as well as serious buyers.

Subsequently, why businesses need SEO? Because it allows you to be found by the consumers, the people who are seeking your services or products on Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine. In context, people can see you; they will get to know about your business and in return you will get store visits, calls, orders, and high revenue.

However, climbing up the ladder to search engine boom is a hard nut to crack, but it’s of no good to rank in the last pages of Google, sorry, but nobody has time to reach you there.

Then why not to use the simple tips and tricks that don’t cost anything but can do a million dollar work for you. So whether you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur or anyone who is interested in the SEO tips; let me tell you that the article is going to help out.

Know your Audience

Understanding your audience is imperative because they are the reason for your success. Anticipate, who is your targeted audience? What they like and how they spend their time over the internet? And what kind of content they find attractive? 

Next, use all that information to latch on their attentions. As an illustration, if your audience likes to read article you can add a blog corner at your website and it help not only increase the traffic but also the revisits. 

Help From a Google Map

Google Maps itself is a broad digital marketing strategy that encompasses many other plays in the SEO playbook. Google maps marketing is concocted by using Google maps service to make your business easier to find. 

This trick is indispensable for small businesses as well as large ones. So if you have a physical store from where you deal with your customers, then leave the rest to Google maps.

“Google My Business” is a tool, specifically designed to help businesses rank as high as possible on the Google Map Results in the relevant Google search result pages. Plus, you can use it for free.
Yes, speed does matters

Google is a smart beast, and it hates slow websites. Above all, the website speed is like a first impression your visitors, readers, customers make an instant verdict about you and your business on how fast or slow your website works.

In the nick of time, Google analytics explicitly offers some tools for small businesses; with the help of which you can, not only find out the speed of your website, but also leverage from detailed instructions on improving it.  

Keywords, your best friends

Using the right keywords can be the most natural tips yet the tricky facet. Ranking on the right keywords help a lot it can either make or break your website. Like using the similar keyword as your big competitor is a metaphorical two-way sword. It can help you rank, relatively higher but it won’t make much difference in the long run.
Using free keywords research tools like Keyword In or Soolve can help but for more exceptional results, you can go for Ahrefs which is a paid tool, and an example of its excellent work is the site PennySaviour.  

Build your social media strategy

Social media and SEO go hands in hands. We all can perceive it that a social media is a future, it’s an undeniable truth. Unfortunately, people are not taking benefit of it enough; but you can, as a smart business owner.

Social media platforms like facebook twitter or LinkedIn is a great way to give your brand a shape and identity. Plus, the facebook and twitter both have analytic pages so you can easily scrutinize who likes or who follows you.

It is advisable not to hire someone on second terms to manage your social media accounts, instead manage it yourself because you only know your business well.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

In Store vs Online

Fascinating Facts About In-Store vs Online Shopping [Infographic]
For some people, shopping is a pastime and for others it’s a hard work. But, whether you love it or hate it, you have to shop at one point or another. Over the past few years, ecommerce has made the task of shopping easier.
It has grown to such unbelievable heights that these days shoppers prefer entering card details from the comfort of their homes over taking a 10-minute walk to the nearest store.
What makes online shopping even more appealing is the fact that you can have your goods delivered to your doorstep. Many people prefer this option as it saves them the trouble of having to carry the goods home themselves after spending hours in line at the store. Recently it’s really gotten out of proportion, with reporting that some people spend as little as 28 seconds on some shopping websites, without having to wait their turn or turn their car on to make a purchase.
Despite the ease of online shopping, other people love seeing and feeling the texture of the products they want to purchase in physical stores. In fact, 56% of in-store shoppers state that they prefer this type of shopping because they can see and touch the products.
55% of consumers shop in-stores because of the 'try before you purchase' possibility some stores offer, and 41% are worried they won’t get what they want if they place an online order for it.
On the other hand, 58% of online shoppers love it because they can shop for as long as they like. The 54% of them prefer it because they can compare product prices on various e-platforms and 29% love that they get free shipping for their purchase.
Seeing how well the e-commerce industry is growing, retailers quickly acted and now 58% of them have apps for mobile devices that allow shoppers to make purchases. The 83% of retailers worldwide also have mobile-enhanced websites that enable shoppers to place orders and enter their card details.
With the infographic below, you will have detailed information about in-store and online shopping. You will also be able to compare the growth rate between both types of sales while taking a closer look at what people buy most.
You can even compare what reasons people take into consideration before choosing to shop in-store and what causes other people to shop online.

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