Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hackers Steal More Nude Celebrity Photos

nude celebs
It has become a bit of a rule on the internet that if a good looking famous person takes naked photos of themselves to send to a lover, then they will, in all likelihood, end up online at some point – and it seems Christina Hedricks and Olivia Munn are the latest victims.

The images appeared online a few days ago and range from the provocative, which the celebs probably don’t mind getting leaked too much, to the completely naked, which I’m sure they do. The question remains whether these photos were hacked from the celebrities phone such as by visiting certain websites, the phone of their other half (the same way), or intercepted during transmission – but there is no doubt that as with Michael Jackson’s back catalogue – if you have a digital file of something people want on a connected device – people will try and steal it.

We all need to watch our IT security it seems, not just multi-billion pound corporations.

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