Friday, June 3, 2011

Best 5 Softwares to Secure and Locate Your Lost Cell Phones

Nowadays cell phones play a very active role in our daily life. Cell phones have replaced many accessories that we use such as watches, diaries, cameras and even computers to a large extent. All cell phones now have some very rich and exciting features that ensures data storage as well as flexible connectivity. However, with the advance in cell phone features, its cost has also risen considerably and has also attracted unwanted attention. Cellphone snatch and robberies are very much rampant these days, especially for smartphone users.

But here we provide you with five amazing softwares that will ensure you do not have to worry anymore about cellphone mishaps. There are few things that you should know which will help you in the event of lost phones. There are top five web services that will help users to relocate their phones or at least help them to protect the data in case of phone loss or theft.

1- Phonelocator
It is a web service for Nokia S60 phones. Create a free account over the website. After creating the account and getting the application form from OVI store, phone owners can use the website to view the location of their lost or theft cell phone. It has very advanced features like intelligent update. Intelligent update reduces the amount of data sent by the application and “Battery Saver” that turns off the GPS when the phone is stationary or the GPS signal is too weak.

2- Phone Guardian
It is another cautionary tool. It supports Series of 60 v3 Symbian smartphones. When loose your cell phone then with the help of phone guardian you can auto lock your phone by sending a lock SMS. In the lock state no one can use the phone nor can the software be uninstalled. Phone unlocking can only be done by sending the password to the phone through SMS. This software also sends information to the phone owner via SMS and informs about the phone location.

3- iTag:
This software can be used by smartphones running Android. Once the application is installed then users can sign in to their iTag account and can view their cell phones location, make it ring from the website, lock the keys, back up their data and can also delete information on the phone.

4- Mobile Defense
This is public beta and also for phones running Android. Mobile defense interface is better than other security applications and provides standard features i-e remotely viewing your cells location and controlling it. The new feature of Mobile defense is that it can detect if a new SIM card has been inserted in the phone. In such a case the owner is informed by an e-mail notification.

5- Lookout
A free application which is compatible with all major mobile operating systems. As it has standard features of remote location and remote controlling it also has built in application of anti-virus and firewall that will protect it against malware.


  1. I didn’t know that there are softwares that can help you locate your lost cell phones. Who thought there are these kinds of things? Last year, I lost my iPhone while traveling to my office. I was devastated. The phone was brand new. I used to store all my bank details there. The person who stole my phone misused this information. My credit card PIN Number was saved in my iPhone. That scammer used that information and made purchases worth $80,000. I don’t know how they did it. As a result, I received a huge credit card bill later. I have enrolled into a debt consolidation program ( to pay off that debt. God should punish that scammer. Anyway, from now onwards I will use these softwares so that I can at least safeguard my personal details saved in my cell phone. Thanks a lot for letting us know about these softwares.

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  3. Thank you Nelly... and i was happy my post helps people... will update quality stuff as usual... plz do visit daily... have a great day.. take care


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