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Common Computer Minor Problems (Prevent, Detect and Solve)

One of the main reasons computer problems occur so frequently is lack of periodic preventive PC maintenance. Often computer problems get aggravated before the user takes a serious note of it and decides to call for help.

There are two reasons why the health of our computers deteriorates over time. First, a lot of us are not concerned about our computer’s health until it encounters a serious error that causes a major loss of productivity and time. Second, we are wary of trying to troubleshoot or solve computer problems as we presume the task is too difficult and is best left to the experts. In reality, it is possible for you to not only take steps to avoid computer errors, but also easily fix a large number of them. This combined strategy of prevention and treatment by you would save you a lot of time, money and hassles.

You need to start with securing your computer from external threats, such as hackers and malware. For this, you first need to implement a firewall. For home PC users, it is usually enough to enable the Windows Firewall. However, if your data is more critical, it is recommended that you opt for a more robust third-party firewall.

Next, you need to schedule periodic preferably daily full system scans to ensure that your PC is free from any type of security threat. Next, you need to update your software as updates and service packs are
released by the product manufacturers. These updates help in patching up any bugs that can be exploited by malware and also in incorporating new features in the products. Many errors, such as ccapp.exe errors,
occur when you fail to update your products. Almost all software available today provides you with an update option. Some of these updates are manual and some are automatic. You must use these options to ensure that all your third-party software remains updated. To update your Microsoft products, ensure that the Windows Automatic Feature is always enabled. Also, to keep your device drivers updated, you may seek the help of an easy-to-use driver scanner tool.

Svchost.exe is a generic host process that is usually used to administer DLL or Dynamic Link Library files and a few other supplementary Windows process. If you open Task Manager, you may notice multiple instances of svchost.exe running on your computer. Errors related to svchost.exe occur when there is a problem with the files of the program that are using this process. If the program that fails in a Windows process, you may replace its files from your Windows setup CD. Otherwise, you may attempt to uninstall and then reinstall the application that caused the error. If nothing works, try to use System Restore to revert your PC to last known working state.

Many errors, such as EXE, DLL, driver, and runtime errors occur when the registry of your computer crashes. To fix EXE error and other such errors, you need to fix your registry by cleaning it. Just like many computer experts, you can do registry repair by using a reliable registry tool.

After the preventive actions you could as stated above, you could try these following simple tips can help you to detect the most common computer problems.

Slow Performance
There are so various reason that could caused the laptop is running slow, such as:

1. Hard Drive Capacity
See hard disk capacity is used, if the hard disk capacity is used up to 90% then the computer’s performance will decrease. Backup your data that is rarely used (archive) into other media, into a DVD or flashdisk for example, or other alternative to add capacity laptop hard drive, try the remaining space more than 20%.Perform regular defragmentation, so that your hard disk running optimally.

2. Virus
The virus is also one of the main causes of the computer is running slow.Viruses always interrupt the algorithm an application that has been infected, otherwise the virus also makes the services that interrupted. Scan and clean your hard drive for viruses, if your system is infected by a virus then this method will surely greatly increase computer performance.

3. Too Many Applications installed
Each sofware / application that is installed add a new burden on your computer, re-application inventory is everything you need. Uninstall programs that you no longer needed is a wiser act to do.

Input Output
Dirts while we used on computers can’t be avoids of, they will stick on the keyboard and mouse. So, routinely cleaned the keyboard and her wipes with a tissue or clean clothes and soaked with special cleaner to clean the mouse and other computer’s exterior parts. If Port VGA, Printer, Lan Card and others are not functioning properly you should do in general is clean before you attempt to claim that this component is damaged. Why is the output port is often problematic? general case is that there is an input port that the dust will contaminate and hinder the data transfer.

Computers / Laptop Heat
Computer or laptop if gets heat up during long hours of using it’s normal. But if it’s getting heaten up abnormaly for short time of using,obviously there is something wrong to check on. Check on the cooling fan system if it still working properly or other wise check on the BIOS or application setup to fix it.

Internet Connectivity Issues
These issues can be because of your computer or because of some issues in your network or because of some issues from the ISP. Always follow an approach of drilling down to the problem. Look from a wider
perspective and then filter out the possibilities. Check with your ISP if they have any issue. Check if other computers connected to the same network are able to connect to the internet or not. Check if your
computer is getting a valid IP address from the ISP or from the Router (if any) and then reach to the actual cause of the trouble. Try using the PING command to find out the connectivity, and using another web
browser other than the one you always use would also be a good idea to understand the situation.

System Failure
System failure which we often call as no boot situation can be categorized in two parts: Hardware failure and the Operating System Failure. If it is a Hardware failure then your system will not boot at all and it is quite possible that you will not get anything on the screen as well and all this will happen before you could reach the Windows logo. If it is an operating system trouble then you will at least see the Windows logo and if not then your system’s BIOS will let you know about a corrupt operating system. Once you know the problem,
act accordingly.

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