Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Flying Motorcycle - Samson Motorworks- Switchblade

What if you owned a vehicle that could take you “down the road” as well as up, up and away, into the friendly skies?
Parked in your home garage, it would await your plans for a road and/or air trip. Just pack, load and go.
Forget about long waiting lines at the airport terminal. No more boarding passes and passing through security. No sitting at the departure gate hoping your plane leaves on time.
You can get above all of that without leaving the comfort of your own vehicle.
The Switchblade™ Multi-mode Vehicle (MMV) is just the ticket to independence and faster travel. No more hassles of commercial flights with the traveling masses.
As pilot of your Switchblade™, you drive to the airport, extend the wings and fly to an airport close to your destination at 160mph. There’s room for one passenger and 50lbs of luggage in the comfort and safety of your Switchblade™.
When you land, retract the wings and drive to your final destination. The scissor-wing design has a retraction system that swings the wings closed like the blade of a pocketknife.
The Switchblade™ will be as exciting on the ground as it is in the air,” said inventor Sam Bousfield. “Past attempts to build a flying car have concentrated on four-wheeled vehicles.”
Airplanes have three.
“The three-wheeled Switchblade™ offers a lighter, more functional and aerodynamic vehicle to achieve stylish, safe and affordable performance,” according to Bousfield. “On the ground and in the air.”
On the ground the Switchblade™ is targeted for 50+mph and in the air is anticipated to achieve 22mpg at up to 150mph.
“It uses unleaded automotive gas, not expensive aviation fuel,” said Bousfield.
The ground test-vehicle was showcased at the recent Golden West Regional Fly-In and Air Show in Yuba City. The full-sized tube frame was used to validate the drivetrain and suspension and to fine-tune ground handling.
Expected in the fourth quarter of 2011.


  1. This is fantastic, I want one right now. Can I get it in green or even blue. How much does it costs. You have really written a winner. Please join me on facebook, I have just created the page for all bloggers to share and help others get more exposure.

  2. they haven't launch yet nor the price and only Red so far but they plan to have some 5 colors :) its under testing as far i know.. Joined ur facebook :)


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