Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tips to protect your Laptop

In this article i mentioned a few tips to secure/protect a laptop.
Do not share files & folders
When you are not on a safe network, do not share your files & folders. Do check whether your shared folders are password protected.
Turn on your firewall
When you are on a open Wi-Fi network, check whether your laptop’s firewall is on & its blocking unwanted incoming connections.
Use https is possible
When you are checking your webmail like Gmail or Yahoo Mail or visiting any site, make sure you are using the https:// (instead of http://) connection to encrypt any information you submit. For example your password. Most modern webmail like Gmail offer an https:// option.
Do not enter Credit Card Numbers/Passwords
When you enter password or other personal details, it does not encrypt your sent data. Anything you send over that network (credit cards information, passwords, login id’s) can be retrieved by wireless laptop computers.
Lock your laptop with actual lock
Do you have a habit of leaving your laptop unattended, then spend some money & buy an actual lock for your notebook.
Try to run anti-virus & malware softwares
Try to use the best anti-virus, so that you can be protected from virus, spyware, malware, worms & etc.

Backup all your data
Often backup all your personal data. This is one of the best way to protect your data.
Turn off your wireless connection when it is not in use
Connect to Wi-Fi hotspots, when you need to surf the internet. Often people stay connected to Wi-Fi hotspots while doing non-internet related tasks like typing a letter, entering data & etc. Do avoid it for a safer life.
Use a laptop keyboard & screen protector 
Try to use a laptop screen & keyboard protector to avoid dust & scratches. This makes the laptop safer & avoid formation of dust.
Protect your laptop!!
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