Saturday, July 30, 2011

Enable Or Disable Windows Features (Tips & Tricks)

If you want to Enable certain features like GodMode or disable features like Shutdown,Task Manager,Command Prompt etc you usually have to edit your windows registry.Editing registry is difficult and any wrong entry in registry can crash your system or corrupt your windows.Manage It! is a small open source freeware utility that provides all these features on a single window.You can enable or disable all windows features easily using Manage It!.This is a portable application so it doesn’t require installation.I have tested this application in windows 7.

See the screenshot below to see the complete list of features that you can manage using Manage It!

How To use Manage It?
  • Download the Manage It! application by clicking here
  • Run Manage It!.exe and select the features you want to enable or disable.
  • Click on Done Button
This application can also be used to do pranks like disabling shutdown button on friends computer etc

Note:-After enabling any feature log off your computer .,


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