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Recover Deleted Data - PC Backup (FreeUndelete & Recuva )

Many times it happens that we accidently delete some important data from our computer.In such cases data recovery softwares are very helpful but most of them are paid softwares.There are only few Free data recovery softwares available on the the internet and one of them is freeundelete.The other one is Recuva.

How File Deletion Works

Whenever you move a file to recycle bin or permanently delete a file the file is actually not deleted from the hard-disk instead that file space is marked as free by the operating system so that new files can be written at that space.So, if no new file is written at that place then you can recover the file easily but if you have placed some data in that particular drive then it is possible that the data be written on the same location from where you have deleted your file.It will make the data recovery difficult or impossible.

Note:-Donot put any new data on the Drive from which you have to recover you data because it may hamper your data recovery chances.
This method works on windows platform and is completely free.

Before you use FreeUndelete or Recuva software I advise you not to transfer any data to that particular drive from which you have to recover data as it can reduce your chances of data recovery.

Filesystems that are supported by freeundelete Software are:
  • NTFS 1.0 and 2.0 (Filesystems of windows NT,Xp,Vista,2000 and Windows 7)
  • FAT 12,FAT 16,FAT 32 (Windows 98)
Where are the recovered files stored?
The recovered files will be stored at the user specified destination

Now,Lets begin the step by step tutorial on How To Recover Deleted Files In Windows

1.Download Recuva .It is a freeware utility.

Click Here To Download Recuva(3.7 MB)

2.Install Recuva and it will ask what sort of file you want to recover.Example pictures,movies.Now select the drive.

3.It will scan and show you all the files that have been deleted from that particular drive.

4.After completion of the drive is complete it will show two types of files.
  • Those with green icons can be recovered.
  • Those with red icons cannot be recovered easily.
5.Right click on the file to be recovered and select Recover Highlighted and your file will be recovered.


  1. few days back i thought i should have one data recovery tool, But now after reading this post i completely got the information regarding this. Thanks for this post. You are just awesome...

  2. Thanks Amit. Please visit the blog Regularly. will post quality stuff.


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