Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trek Light Cycle Push Bike - First Look

Tron has clearly has an influence on “geek culture”, and I don’t see why someone hasn’t made a push bike that looks like a Tron light cycle.

It appears that Trek designer Ryan Callahan has created a Tron scooter with the Trek Light Cycle Push Bike. Yes, that is its full name, as long and drawn out as it is. My Source does not have much information on this, but you will note the blue lights in between the wheels. I wonder if this is battery powered or if the wheels in motion power these lights. I don’t know if it has the feature, but I know that it does not have the ability to make a wall behind it as it rides. 

Just imagine a kid zooming around on this thing, pretending that he is Tron. You will note the grid terrain that this scooter has been placed upon. Too bad real sidewalks and streets are not as smooth. Yeah, I wonder how this Tron scooter can handle the real world. 

So far, there isn’t any word on when a little tyke can get one of these, but it will be on display at Trek World 2012. I think that is some sort of conference that uses the Trek logo in Tron font. Interesting.

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