Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review on Best Android SMS App - Go SMS Pro

The Go SMS Pro by Go Dev Team app is a highly customizable SMS replacement tool. The purpose of this app is to replace the existing stock SMS application. Installing this app will not remove the current SMS app you have on your phone, it will simply replace it. You may need to go into the stock SMS app and turn off the notifications otherwise you will get duplicate notifications for every text message you receive. If you like this app then you will also want to make it the default app for sending text messages or you may have to choose the GO SMS app every time you long press on a contact and select the text message option.

Once the GO SMS app is opened you will see the threads of all your text messages just like in the stock SMS app. One great thing about GO SMS is it comes with its own default SMS popup so every time a text comes in a screen will pop up and you can read the text and reply as well without even opening the GO SMS app or the text message itself. Embedded in the options menu for GO SMS is every customization tool for SMS known to mankind. Everything for the text color, to the color of the background, SMS ringtones for specific contacts, and themes for the SMS application can be applied. This is one of the best and most highly customizable SMS replacements on the market.

Overall, this is a wonderful SMS replacement over the boring stock SMS app. At the time of this review Go SMS Pro by Go Dev Team was free and comes highly recommended! Thumbs up!

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