Tuesday, October 4, 2011

'rape culture' - Facebook

World's popular social networking site Facebook has been accussed of promoting 'rape culture' by Women's rights activists in the United Kingdom and United State after the site has refused to removed the pages on which users made jokes and apparent confessions of sexual assault.

The activists petition requesting the site to take down pages like "You know she’s playing hard to get when your [sic] chasing her down an alley" have been signed by more than 3,600 people in the Britain and 175,000 people on the US Web site Change.org. Sources said that content found in the site were against Facebook terms and conditions.

"This is hate speech, I find it very disturbing that Facebook don't appear to see the connection between pages such as this and the prevailing rape culture we have in our society," the London based newspaper The Guardian quoted Jane Osmond, who campaigned on behalf of the British petition.

Meanwhile, Facebook has refused to removed the page saying there should be a sapce where users can openly discuss and share their opinions on such topics. FB also defended themself saying that similar content can be found elsewhere on the Internet and on the comedy circuit.

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