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Yamaha SZ-R Review

Special Thanks to : Aathi Narayanan, Chennai

Historia: Hello bikers! And my beloved visitors, I am Aathi Narayanan a B.Tech fresher. I am from an upper middle class family. When my dad started his career, he just had a bicycle. Then in 1987 he bought IND Suzuki 100R, which was the only competitor for the classic Yamaha RX series. In 1994 he gave Suzuki to my uncle and bought TVS Samurai (No problem bike).
When I was in my grade 8, out of my own interest, I started to take the bike from the garage kick start it for my dad to ride. After a few weeks I started to operate the gear leaver with the help of my dad, next day I started to self ride the bike. This is how my first ride started. Then in 2003 dad bought TVS Victor GL.
My teenage passed out with my dad s victor and my bicycle. I joined engineering in 2007; I was the first one in my class to get driving license. I loved to get a bike for my own, but my dad was not interested because I was just 18 by that time and more over my college was 75km away from my home.
Days went by, when I was in my final year my dad once said “if you want to get a bike then get it now with in a period of 6 months”. I was happy and then I started dreaming about black Pulsar 150 DTS-i. Pulsar that too especially black is because of the impact of the movie “Pollathavan (2007-Tamil)”, the movie is all about a relation between the hero and his bike.
I suggest you to watch it if you get a chance. All my dreams went as a dream itself dad was not interested with Pulsar because of its price (71k), he advised me to get Splendor +. I did lots of research works on various 150cc makes. The friendship between me and bike advice, which is one year old started here.
I was in a dilemma but my heart said “don’t get down from 150cc”. Once I got a chance of riding my friend’s Yamaha RX 135, I was free zed by the mind blowing pickup and light weight. That ride changed my mind form pulsar to RX. My friend bought it of 18k so I planned to get RX but again I was stopped because my dad s condition was to get a brand new model.

Astounding Astir

One fine morning I got up from my bed, walked to sofa, took the newspaper to see the headlines in front page, but I couldn’t and my eyes got stricken to the advertisement in bottom right corner. That was the 1st moment I saw Yamaha’s SZ, SZ-X model. I was stunned for a moment due to its stylish sporty looks, 153cc and the price (49.5k).
After a week I went to a leading Yamaha dealer near to my home on 2/12/2010. I preferred SZ-X since it was sportier than SZ and SZ missed out the self start mechanism. I took a test drive and I was excited of its smoothness, pickup and handling. I felt it was smoother than Apache 160 RTR and Pulsar.
SZ series didn’t have disk brakes, dealer tried to convince me by explaining the drum size is big than a normal drum so there is no need of a front disk. I was convinced but not fully satisfied. The on road price for SZ-X was 60k in my city; me and my dad found it as the cheapest of 150cc range and booked it. The dealer asked a time of 30days because; at that time SZ-X black was in demand.
I was patiently waiting for a month but frequently I used to ring him and get the status of the vehicle. On Jan 1st 2011 he called me and said that a new model in SZ has come with the disk brakes. Immediately I went to the showroom and saw the model of my bike for the 1st time. I was totally satisfied and changed my booking from SZ-X to SZ-R.
Again he asked a time of 30days, I accepted. He didn’t keep up the promise he failed to deliver me on Feb 1st and he was not clear when the bike will arrive. I completely lost my patience. I was hurted a lot and got my refund. The next day I approached another leading dealer he promised me to deliver the bike in another 20days.
I kept my fingers crossed and waited patiently. Feb 20th 2011 he called me and said your bike has arrived, tomorrow morning pay the remaining sum and collect your bike. I was happy waiting for the sun to rise up soon. Morning me, my dad and our mechanic went to the showroom and picked out the best among 30. Feb 21st 2011 evening 6:22pm I got my bike ready with the key on my hands. Now let me kick start with my review.

Design & Looks

  • The stylish sporty design was the main reason for me to choose SZ-R. I can bet that its design can compete with Pulsar and far ahead of Apache.
  • Sleek aerodynamic graphics is not only made just for design but also they use it 4 the purpose of Air Cooling i.e.: 2 in 1.
  • The overall volume of the vehicle is slightly more than pulsar. I have a tall physic exceeding 6 feet so Yamaha SZ-R suits me perfectly. According to me SZ series will be a perfect pair for guys ranging from 5.9 to 6.1. When your bike has good looks and which does not suite your physic then it looks awkward. For example apache is designed for short people, it won’t suite me. So friends be careful in choosing your darling. It will be happy to hear from others that you both are made for each other.
  • The cockpit contains an analogue speedometer, fuel indicator, rpm meter. When you turn on the head lamp the meters glow with a mild light which gives a rich look. To be noted that only SZ-R has an rpm meter in SZ series.
  • SZ-R has a large fuel tank with a capacity of 14 liters in which 1.5 liters for reserve. To be honest the tank is designed such a way that it is steep in front, so thus when you add small amount (1 – 1.5L) of petrol the fuel gauge fails to indicate any stays in empty.
  • Halogen bulb of 12V is used in head lamp. In normal switching when there are street lights with more brightness the light fails to provide enough vision on road. But it is good during high beam switching.
  • Rear tail light is unique form Pulsar, Apache and Unicorn. Horizontally designed and gives attractive look.
  • The battery covers and the front mudguard is made of mixture of weight less polymers, even though it reduces weight front mudguard is very weak, while you clean it you can notice it bends down and touch the tyre. No problem about the battery covers, it is durable.
  • Over all SZ-R Design = R15 + FZ.


  • The engine used in SZ series is the same as the FZ series with 153cc displacement, but in SZ the torque is lowered to 12.8Nm/4500rpm. Even though the torque is lowered there is not much difference felt when compared with FZ and Pulsar. This torque is much helpful in shifting the gear during traffic and provides a smooth ride.
  • The engine is air cooled, 4stroke, SOHC, 2 valves with a single cylinder. The aerodynamic design helps in cooling the engine. The engines heat is not felt during long journeys it’s the major plus point of SZ-R. I had long drive on Pulsar but after a while the engine gets heated soon and starts to drink more fuel. I can assure that Yamaha SZ-R will be more comfortable in exhausting the heat.
  • Vibrations are not felt after crossing 90km. This is the main factor you must be careful while choosing your bike.
  • The silencer is big and does a descent job. I really appreciate Yamaha for its design of silencer because it’s quite high than normal silencer. Am from Madurai – The temple city of Tamil Nadu, not only in Madurai all over India there are many under bridges and no proper draining system for water during rainy seasons so water gets stagnated and gets in to the silencer.
  • I have experienced a lot with my dad s bike Samurai and Victor GL; during rainy seasons when I wait for signal water enters the silencer and had troubled me a lot. So am happy about SZ-R’s silencer design as it suites rainy season.
  • The starting method in SZ-R is Electric start; it lags a kicker as its Yamaha’s recent trend (FZ, Fazer and R15). Initially I worried a lot since TVS, Bajaj lags in electric start. I asked my friend who owns Fazer; he said not to worry about it as it has not even failed at least once in his 1.5 years of drive.
  • So I got courage of using the bike without extra fitting a kicker which costs 2500bugs. Battery saves separate power for engine ignition so no problem with the electric start. Even you put your vehicle in garage for more than 20 days it can be started in the first press.


SZ-R uses TVS tyres since it economical and has long life. There is no problem about the tyres which Yamaha has provided, I mention it here since Yamaha R15 has problem with its tyres.
The alloy used by Yamaha in SZ series is their own made in Faridabad. To be honest finishing of the alloy is not as good as expected, it gives us a fear when you see the alloy spokes are welded between the rim and brake drum. Recently when I was speaking about it with the mechanic he too felt the same but he also mentioned that they did n’t get any complaints about alloy till date.


SZ-R has a front disc brake of diameter 245mm and a rear drum. My expectation for a150cc displacement is rear drum than disk because when you are tensed during your ride rear disk can cheat you by skidding. Am happy with the rear drum it does a good job slows down me as I expect and helps me in applying front disk at correct time. Front disk does a great job during traffic and slopes. Overall brakes are apt for the vehicle.


Here comes the performance which you are eagerly waiting. My bike is 125days old and I am nearing 2000 km, with two long drives. Performance is the area in which I am 100% satisfied. When I sat on the bike for the 1st time during test drive I felt like sitting on a horse. Not only me all my friends who took a ride felt so.
Coming to the performance part the ride on SZ-R is like gliding on butter. It’s very smooth so that you are not tensed during traffic. Clutch is wet type with multiple disks it’s very soft and doesn’t irritate.
  • Performance inside city is amazing. The gear ratios and torque makes the ride cool. As in my area there is lot of small lanes in which SZ-R performs well. In every bike 1st gear won’t be smooth like the top gear, but in SZ-R 1st gear is very much smooth so that the bike doesn’t gets off for a beginner and gives a good impact.
  • The telescopic at front and swing arm at rear performs well in suspension on pits and speed breakers.
  • Maximum I will try to shift to the top gear and ride in the lowest speed (35-40) (i.e.: torque 3500-4000rpm) inside city this gives me a descent millage of 48kmpl, which is not common with other Yamaha models.
  • During long drives the comfort is really excellent for the rider. There is no back or neck pain. I have taken long drives twice approximately 150km up and down. I didn’t have a pain on my shoulders or on my back bone. Comfort level is very high for long drives. Pillion rider also feels so due to the wider seat unlike FZ.
  • The air cooling aerodynamic design is also done in a better way than pulsar so that during long drives you won’t get the engine heat on to your legs. Am strong in it because monthly once we guys used to take bike to college(65km from my district), I have experienced with all the 150cc buddies and I felt Yamaha is the best in engine cooling.
  • The top speed is 101 km. And during long drives with an average speed of 80-90km I got a millage of 37kmpl. This is because of my engine didn’t get seasoned well during my 1st long drive in my 2nd I got 45kmpl.
  • Guys don’t get feared about your initial millage because when the engine is not set the millage gets fluctuated. Then during the first 2months pls avoid rash driving. Handle your bike with care.

Price factor

Price is the main advantage of Yamaha SZ series. On road price in Tamil Nadu is approximately
  • SZ is 56,000.
  • SZ-X is 60,500.
  • SZ-R is 64,000.
It’s the cheapest bike among the 150cc range even though it lags digital display, kicker. Every time the cheaper item does not stand up with quality, But Yamaha SZ-R is really more worth than the money you pay. It’s a good commut er. It is a budget bike. If you have Yamaha SZ-R as one of your option then doesn’t worry book it today.


  • Service your bike at regular intervals, change oil if necessary.
  • Clean your bike daily and wash it once in a week.
  • Don’t hesitate to use tank pouch as it safe guards from scratches.
  • Avoid unnecessary stickers, so that your bike is identity is not lost.
  • Switch of bike during long wait signals and save petrol.
  • Use chokes every morning during the 1st start.
  • Wear helmet and ride safely.
I have attached the technical specifications of the bike along with this review.
I thank Mr. Deepak for giving me this golden opportunity to express my views on my buddy and rewind my bike memories. Thanks!
Please leave your comments!
Aathi Narayanan

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