Friday, December 9, 2011

BEWARE of NEW Facebook Scam: Caution Wet Paint – Very Very Funny – LOL

Here is another “Share to Facebook” scam that lurks you to click a link within the post. The link takes you to a fishy external website.

The screenshot below shows you how the post “Facebook Scam: Caution Wet Paint – Very Very Funny – LOL”  looks like:

The post shows a link that will take you to a website called If you press the link you will be taken to the webpage that looks like the screenshot below:

As you can see above you cannot see the video before you share it with your friends. This is classic way of getting a lot traffic to your website! If they get a lot of traffic to their they hope to get money through banners or other scam like methods. In worst case you might get infected by Spyware, that will harm your computer.

Tips to avoid - First see the Video size image & Image of LIKE, then search in Google whether its a scam or not then click.

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