Friday, December 30, 2011

Picture Passwords - Windows 8

For those that are really looking forward to Windows 8, you may have a very interesting feature for identification. 

This possible feature is “picture passwords”, which involves the user selecting an image of their choice and then drawing on it with selective gestures, like the dot, circle, and line that you see in the image to the upper left. Basically, the lines, circles, and taps help to unlock Windows just like a typewritten password or thumbprint scan. 

Of course, there are doubts as to whether this is a good method for keeping data secure. After all, someone from another table at the coffee house could see you drawing on your picture and note the gestures for a future “data-heist”. 

According to my Source, these Picture Passwords are not going to be the only way that Microsoft is going to protect your data, but it is an additional layer of security for authentication. I’m guessing that the gestures on a picture can’t be too exact, or you might have a difficult job unlocking it every time. 

I would love to see this type of authentication on a mobile phone. I have the option on my phone to connect the dots to unlock my phone, why not use a picture and do some interesting gestures?

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