Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Windows Phone 7 is Vulnerable

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is vulnerable to new attack where a hacker can reboot the smartphone remotely using a special SMS. Embedded devices are very attractive to hackers as they do not include standard security software and they accept remote instructions.

The bug is not executed over SMS only but it is possible to run malicious message using Facebook or Windows Live Messenger.  Researcher who discovered the bug refused to publish the exploit but they reported the vulnerability to Microsoft.

According to M86 Threat prediction 2012 report , on 2010 malware samples have been estimated to be 2,500 and in one year they increased by three times to arrive at 7,500 samples, those malwares are sophisticated and among them we find famous botnet like Zeus and Spyeye Trojans and their preferred platform is Android.

So what I advise that you never install any software from non-trusted sources, make sure that you update your smartphone firmware or operating system, and if you receive a Spamming message be sure to report them to your teleco operator at least that they can track the source and takedown the spamming server.

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