Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good way to get backlinks for every blog post with Digi Article Blaster

Extremely amazed with Article Blaster The plugin is so powerful, easy to use, it saved me a ton of time and I would like to introduce it to you.

Digi Article Blaster is a WordPress plugin that completely automates your syndication, blasting your article to over 150 directories with a single click. As I see that the plugin does everything for you, you just need to install the plugin, publish a new post and press a button, it will take care all other steps: article directory account registration, post submitting, bypass the Captcha code… and got the backlinks for you.

The Plugin Main Features:
  • Over 150 push-button backlinks for every post: remember when it took you an age to get 10 backlinks? That won’t happen again!
  • Complete automation: every step is done for you, from registration to submission
  • Generate thousands of randomly spun articles at the push of a button: your days of tedious spinning are over! Just add a few strategic spin tags and Digi Article Blaster takes care of the rest
  • 100% Panda-friendly SEO: free yourself from worrying about the latest Google update… the searchbots love contextual links, and you’ll be giving them that in spades
  • Resale potential to maximize your income: if you’re the kind of marketer who likes to take charge of his income stream, Digi Article Blaster lets you add a premium SEO service to your portfolio
  • Increased blog flip values: one simple install will push up both the sale value and the demand
  • Complete support access: real people offering real support, guaranteed to get back to you on any query within one working day

Plugin Installation
After upload the plugin to your site via WordPress admin panel, activate it as usual, go to the plugin admin area and here is what you will see, simple, huh? 
You need to put in your Captcha account (Digi Article Blaster supports Bypass Captcha, Death by Captcha and Decaptcher at this time), specify your Author profile then press “Create New Accounts” button. The plugin will take 2-3 minutes to create over 150 accounts for you at article directories and it’s ready!

How It Works?
You just need to create your blog post as usual, after publish the post, you can press the “Spin and Blast Article” button:
Digi Article Blaster will bring you to the article blasting screen, in this page you can specify the post category (used on article directories), the post content, modify the author information if you want…:

Now you can go and do something fun while Digi Article Blaster does the hard work:

After that process is completed, the plugin will make a report for you:

Digi Article Blaster comes up with 3 types of license: Developer, Multi and single site license which started at $47 plus a 60 days money back guarantee. Actually, for this such amazing plugin, I’m willing to pay an amount of $147 for it, it saves me a lot of time of building backlink, guarantee for higher search results ranking, create one-way deep link building and also, it received a lot of positive feedback from WarriorForum and I believe you will 100% fall in love with this plugin.


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