Saturday, April 14, 2012

Zynga - Wooga - Kabam - Social games By Gadget Girl

Since the majority of fabulous domain names are taken by now, any online venture has to get pretty creative these days.

Zynga may sound like the name of a playful American bulldog but if I was going to name my start up after a cute canine, I would go with Chuckles.  

Wooga sounds like an old car horn sound effect that blows in a bad comedy when the girl’s bathing suit top falls down. Probably a good choice on Wooga’s part.

And hearing the word Kabam just makes me want to dress in a red cape and man tights and head down to the latest WonderCon convention. And yes, this post is written by a woman.

Which brings us to sidekicks.  If Amber were ever to have a sidekick, this would be him. If anyone knows where we can locate this masked man, please leave us a comment and we promise to give you a kickback.

In the meantime, enjoy our gaming update. - By Gadget Girl Amber

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