Thursday, November 15, 2012

BoostTurbine Powers Your Gadget when there is No Power

Hand cranking gives you the power to power your phone when there is no outlet in sight (Photos: Eton Corp)

Bringing a portable charger along on a camping trip or hike is always a good idea, but if the trip keeps you away from civilization for longer than your porto-batt can survive, you could be outta luck when it comes time to send that emergency call or text. Or you could pack a BoostTurbine charger.

That’s because the durable BoostTurbine Series portable chargers can provide your devices with power even when there is no power source. Because you are the power source.
Both the the BoostTurbine2000 and BoostTurbine1000 come equipped with a hand-turbine power generator to serve as a “back up for your back up solution.” Literally providing you with never-ending power, both feature a rechargeable lithium battery that, when there’s no outlet in sight, can get juice just from cranking.

With only one minute of cranking, the hand turbine power generator can produce enough power for a quick call or a few texts. Enough to get you out of trouble. When fully charged, the $59 BoostTurbine2000 can provide a full charge to most smartphones, and the $49 BoostTurbine1000 will give you a 50 percent charge. (Personally, I’d spend the extra $10 bucks for the full charge ability. Less cranking, more relaxing.)
The 1000 comes in Black, the 2000 comes in Black, White, Silver and Red

Both models are made of lightweight aluminum to put up with some punishment, and are compact enough to carry in your pocket. And both feature a Micro-USB DC input (cable included), a standard USB port, and an LED charge indicator to let you know the battery charge level. (So you know when to stop cranking.) Go ahead, venture deeper… you know you’ll have power when you need it. (A cell signal? That we can’t promise.)

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