Wednesday, December 26, 2012

CUBELETS - The Smartest Toy "Robotics" - 2012

The cubes work together to become a robot          
WHAT: Cubelets
DOES: Cubes are snapped together to become your child's robot; functions vary with which cubes are used and how they are snapped together; no programming and no wires
INVEST: $160 for 6 cubes, charger is separate $15.
TOOLS: Have to play with it first but at the very least: Think Like a Scientist/Engineer
Ages: 8+
The cost of this toy is high, because what a child can do with it is seriously that cool. By using what looks an awful lot like regular building blocks, kids can create simple, reconfigurable robots that can actually move around, respond to light, react to sound, and display other lifelike behavior. It works by combining sensor, logic, and actuator blocks. Depending on the combination, you're basically "programming" the robot to perform different tasks. The different types of cubes elicit different actions, and reactions, in the simple robot, without any wires, tools, or programming skills. This is a great way to introduce young minds to the core concepts of robotics and programming logic.

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