Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rumours say Facebook will buy WhatsApp

Facebook could be buying WhatsApp with the two companies currently in talks

Instant-messaging service WhatsApp could be sold to social networking giant Facebook, according to reports.

According to Techcrunch's sources the two companies are currently in the process of negotiating a buy-out. Other details such as a possible price or timeframe have not been revealed.

While it’s understandable that Facebook might want to buy a successful enterprise such as WhatsApp, what isn’t clear is how it might be integrated into the company’s current product suite.
Would it be treated similarly to the Microsoft buyout of Skype? Perhaps it will be assimilated into Facebook Messenger? It’s anybody’s guess at this point.

WhatsApp’s success is due to the fact that, like BlackBerry Messenger, it offers a direct messaging capability which bypasses paid text messaging. Implementing a data or Wi-Fi connection, the service allows users to send messages complete with attached images and other media.

But, more significantly is that it’s cross-platform and will work between iOS, Android and the rest – something which can’t be boasted by RIM’s iconic service or even Apple’s competing iMessage.
Competing services, such as Viber, have emerged over time but WhatsApp has the advtantage of having got there first with a much better established user base sending billions of messages per day.

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