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Using Social Sign-on to Target Content to Customers

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The terminology sociologists and social scientists are set to acquire a new meaning soon. To join in this bandwagon and stay ahead in the competition, the same can be used for excellent results. Internet really irritates, especially when the same appears to be a web of IDs and passwords.

To overcome this frustration, you should be using ‘Social Sign’. For having a dedicated fan base and registered users who follow your every move, existing Twitter and Facebook accounts can be used.

The need for registration
Studies and surveys done indicate that the registered users are more dedicated and have a proactive approach towards the forum or website. By being registered, the users develop a sense of responsibility towards the website as they feel a sense of ownership too. Additionally, they find distinct mediums and options to share their thoughts.

Four distinct areas are available through which registered users can contribute and add value to the brand.

Loyalty of the users
In the end only numbers count. The competition finally boils down to the fact that who has the most numbers. Facebook has about six hundred million users and this is a testimony of the fact that the social networking website is a leader when it comes to popularity in the category. The relevance of loyalty is particularly significant here as the same is not only a quality but is also a behavioral trait and plays a very important role. The significance of registered users is of relevance here as they are more engaged than other users and offer quality feedback that is very important for survival of any website.

Word of mouth plays its role too
Word of mouth has the power of creating a buzz in the market. The same has been ranked as an important parameter of attaining success and despite the presence of other modes and methods of connecting users; word of mouth retains its significance. The success of Wikipedia is a live example and the word of mouth promotion has led to its registered user base growing imminently.

Targeting content gets easier
If having a registered user base, it gets easier to understand their demographics better. Extensive use of psychographic surveys and questionnaires amongst these registered users will help you develop targeted content.

Imminent advantages are many and e- commerce websites stand to benefit a lot from this initiative, as their user base will increase owing to the better understanding developed as a result of having a well defined strategy.

Bottom line
All this is a number game and in the end all comes down to business only. Studies done in the field show that nine out of ten customers are registered users. Having a dedicated team at work to keep in touch with registered users work well for any business, as these people form the backbone of any successful business plan and go long in making a company, a market leader in the real sense.

Websites having major market share in e commerce are always the once that have a dedicated base of followers. Maintain the same and be a leader in your category.

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