Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DC First Class - New Super Luxury Bus

DC, the Dilip Chabria owned vehicle modifier and designing firm has been catering to the needs of the high and mighty since several years. DC has built customized cars, vans, SUVs, MPVs and even buses to its long list of clients. Some of DC's clients including Bollywood superstars who have got themselves customized buses to be used as their vanity vans on shoots.

Now DC has come up with another unique design for a bus, named rightly as First Class. The DC First Class is a bus which gives you all the luxury and comfort of an luxury aircraft while the vehicle you are traveling is still on the ground. The DC First Class will be an ideal alternative for some onle looking for a private aircraft but does not need to travel much.

DC has revealed images of the First Class's interiors and we are sure you will be wondering if the images were taken in a bus or a plane.


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