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Way to increase Domain Authority for Website and Blog

What is Domain Authority? What is Page Authority of a blog? What is the importance of Domain authority and how to achieve it?

Domain Authority means how many quality links refer to your site and how they are linked. Its not only the quantity but also the quality that matters. Without organic traffic it is very difficult for the blog to sustain and this kind of traffic is possible not only with unique content but with the help of proper link building that helps in gaining domain authority to your blog or website.

External Links
How many incoming links from external sites are there for the blog?  This is one of the significant aspect of domain authority. The more the links the more is the authority. But at the same it is the quality of the links that is very important. If a tech blog has more number of links from an entertainment site which does not have any authority then those links can pass much link juice. So links from related niches are more important.

Internal Links
You might have incoming links from other sites to a page in your blog. But, what about the links to your previous posts or articles in your site? So it is equally important to build links to the existing articles so that it helps to distribute link juice and also Google to crawl the other posts of your site regularly. This kind of deep linking is very significant both for Page Authority and Domain Authority as a whole.

Link Quality & Link Quantity
Assume you start a new blog or a site and suddenly on the second or third day you get 1000s of links from the same site then Google immediately marks your blog as spam and no matter how many unique posts you may publish they wont achieve search engine ranking. So quantity of the links from different sites rather than a single site, are important. Similarly the quality of the link matters much. If you blog receives high amount of incoming links from spam sites then your site will be penalized without a second guess.

Link Diversity & Trust
Try to get links from different sources and use different anchor texts. This kind of link diversity helps to build quality links and then trust in the eyes of Google. Google tends to give good authority for your blog keeping all these links in consideration. These links can be blog comments, footer links in other sites, forum links, web 2.0 links, etc… Try to reduce link exchange and paid links unless until they are related to your blog niche.

Quality PR Links
The more the links from the sites having good Page rank the better will be the domain authority of your blog. It does not mean always get links from high PR sites. What I suggest is the links should look natural even from any PR sites. Also try to maintain balance between dofollow and nofollow incoming links. Maintain incoming links from sites having less OBL (Outbound links).

Provided all the above points are followed strictly with your blog then your site will surely get good domain authority with a count more than 40 easily. The more the count the better is the indication.

Check your Domain Authority 

So what is the domain authority of your blog? Do share your DA in the comments.

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