Monday, February 18, 2013

Google launches Mapathon 2013 in India

Google is looking to to India's online community to improve the country's Google Maps coverage.

Launched with the ultimate aim of making India's Google Maps better, the Mapathon 2013 starts Monday and runs until March 25. Open to anyone living in India, Google is inviting web users based in the country to access Google Map Maker, its map-building and editing software, and revise existing maps, add shortcuts or landmarks or even start from scratch.

To boost interest in the crowdsourcing project and reward hard work, Google is offering a host of prizes that will be awarded based on participation and number of edits made.

The gifts include 10 Samsung Galaxy Note 800 tablets and 40 Samsung Galaxy SII smartphones, as well as gift vouchers and Mapathon T-shirts. In all, the top 1000 participants will each receive a prize.

To participate in the Mapathon go to

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