Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Electromagnetic Shielding Laptop Tray

The number of wireless devices have been growing almost exponentially over the years, and while research has been done to reassure consumers that these wireless devices will not emit harmful waves or energy which has been speculated to cause cancer, one can never be too sure still. After all, it is not as though we have half a century’s worth of data to study and make a definite conclusion, right? So, for folks who want to err on the side of caution, the $49.95 Electromagnetic Shielding Laptop Tray does make plenty of sense, as this lap tray is said to protect laptop users from electromagnetic energy as well as heat emitted by wireless devices.
The Electromagnetic Shielding Laptop Tray will be different from standard laptop trays which merely disperse heat, as it boasts of a lightweight stand that has a metal surface, and will also block 99% of the Wi-Fi radiation emitted by a laptop, helping mitigate what a select bunch of medical researchers believe could very well be a potential health risk. A pair of quiet fans that are powered by connecting the stand’s retractable USB cord to a laptop’s port will make sure your laptop remains nice and cool during use. Thick bottom padding helps cushion the stand against the user’s thighs, and there is an ergonomic wedge design which positions wrists at an angle for comfortable typing.

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