Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Instagram: hottest new platform to land your dream date!

In a new approach to online dating, mobile photo-sharing service Instagram has become the new platform for couples to meet and enter committed relationships, after viewing and liking each others' photos on the app.

Various couples have come forward and shared their experiences on meeting each other after viewing photos on Instagram, which they said was the beginning of their relationships, ABC News reports.

One of the couples , Bailey Gate and Ryan Williams from Seattle, said that they got to know each other after Gate noticed Williams' photos on Instagram, and discovered a shared love for the outdoors.

After both of them had viewed each other photos and sent each other requests on Facebook, Gate and Williams finally decided to meet and started dating after a few weeks, the report added.
Gate said that Williams' pictures were not perfect but attracted her for the various different elements in them which drew her attention.

Similarly for another couple Robin Coe and Matt Fleming, both of them viewed each others' photos on Instagram after which they decided to meet, and eventually became a couple.

Coe said that she got to know her partner Fleming, who is an avid cyclist, through his photos as she saw the things he observed through his eyes.

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