Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Not only have iPhones become handy ways to manage our lives – but there is a sense of style to them too. So much so that there is a developing sort of underground of ‘make it look as slick as an iPhone’ type products. The iShaver adds to that collection, but also proves a really effective tool.

Available at for just £14.95, the iShaver is a portable shaver. No, it’s not a shaver you attach to your phone. It simply takes after the Apple design. With a slick looking high gloss finish, it looks nothing like most shavers. So it would be easy to throw in the briefcase or backpack. Great for those on the go, iShaver is chargeable via USB. Yes, USB. Floating blades help give a close shave too. OK, so maybe a portable shaver that looks like an iPhone is a little overboard. But take away that factor and you have a stylish looking unit that is easy to charge and perfect to take in the bag wherever you may need a quick shave.

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