Monday, April 1, 2013

The Concept behind the BMW X9 Design


When the eighteen year old Khalfi Oussama from Tunisia decided to undertake the project of designing the new BMW X9, he aimed for designing a car that could be used as the ‘batmobile’. It was meant as a vehicle for the superhero Batman in his movies to replace one that is currently featured in the mobiles. This was the concept of the BMW X9.

Now that the design of the car has been unveiled, even though the actual technical information hasn’t been released yet, Oussama’s design of the BMW X9 has received mix reviews. Some simply hated the design and used terms like ‘ugly’, ‘unsightly’, ‘oddball’, etc. to describe it, while others were simply bowled over by its uniqueness. However, Oussama took all the reviews and opinions sportingly, by thanking the ones who had appreciated his design and respecting the ones who didn’t.

The BMW X9 Concept is no ordinary looking car and is sure to turn heads when one sees it cruising down a road. Available in two colors: black and violet-blue, this car definitely has some fancy-looking parts, be it its wheels, headlights or exhaust pipes. The black model comes with red/orange accents here and there while the blue ones come with yellow accents. However, one thing that is common between both the designs is that both of them feature a good amount of shiny steel, in the wheels, the windows, the grille and in the rear portion of the car.

While there is no denying the fact that the car looks chunky because it certainly isn’t sleek and compact, it is surprisingly sporty-looking. The wheels of the car are a bit on the larger end of the spectrum as far as the size is concerned. The heavy-duty steel plates in the front of the car send out the don’t-mess-with-me signal. BMW X9 Concept’s foglights are located in the bumper of the car.

A first glance at this car and you will get the idea that it is almost a futuristic-looking spaceship that can ply on the roads. Thus, the BMW X9 Concept definitely scores a lot of brownie points in the styling-for-superheroes and creativity aspects.

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