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Top 10 Most Exciting Gadgets for 2013

The present year has started with a note of upcoming exciting new gadgets, giving a hint of the technical marvel that man has ever seen in the past few years.

Various experiments with advanced technology and a zeal to utilize it for betterment has led to invention of futuristic gadgets that one was able to see on fiction based movies only.

However, in this section a glimpse of the feature of suggested exciting new gadgets 2013 would be uncovered.

Top 5 new gadgets to be revealed in 2013:

1. Project Glass from Google
Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, is credited to come up with a new ‘project glass’. It is said that the device will be helpful in overlaying information over the glass of a spectacle, regarding directions of maps, messages from various friends and even reports of the weather. Information will be channeled from the internet, over to the glass, in front of the eye. These spectacles will also have a miniature camera fitted to them that will come in handy for the users for clicking pictures of their choice or making a video clip, without any fuss.

2. Nest
Two former Apple employees has come up with an innovative gadget that heats up the rooms of houses easily. Acting as a thermostat, Nest possesses two distinct wireless connectivity systems along with five sensors for detecting and controlling humidity, light and temperature. In addition, it even possesses a pair of activity sensors that detects presence of people near it. The gadget can even be remote-controlled by the users through their mobile phones. This provides the option to control the temperature situation of rooms by any person, even if he or she is not present there physically. The device will be having only a single button for manual operation.

3. Xbox 720

The advanced gaming console is presumed to astound people throughout the world. It is said to have a more powerful effect that the earlier gaming consoles. The gadget is said to be available during the summers of the present year. According to rumors, the advanced console will be having Blu-ray support, 3D gaming, live television recording functionality and even an upgraded Kinetic device for working along augmented reality glass.

Information is also fuelling the expectation of the customers. It is being said that the console will have the power of an 8GB RAM, including a processor of quad-core. This would certainly help in making the gaming console more powerful than all its earlier versions.

4. Basis band

Most of the monitors used for keeping a tab on the health of human beings cease to function properly when the person is engaged in heavy work. That is why a pedometer is essentially required for the purpose. 
However, that even deters the technical device to record accurate readings when the person is either rowing or cycling. Upcoming ‘basis band’ is said to overcome these barriers. The device even helps people to get rid of the chest straps that prove to be uncomfortable at many times. It can simply be worn over the wrist, like a watch.

The device is even equipped with various other detectors, like an advanced galvanic sensor for recording response from the skin. This helps in monitoring sweat levels. An accelerometer even helps in detecting changes in the rate of heartbeat through the pulse. These advanced features will certainly help in providing an accurate and detailed report of health instantly.

5. Oculus Rift
This is a game based on the technology of virtual reality. It enables Full 3D environment and will certainly be a gamers’ delight. With a field-view of 110 degrees, the gadget will even track the movement of the gamers’ head. The console needs to be connected to a PC for enabling it to unfold its technical marvel. The gamer is also able to look around to have a full glimpse of the virtual gaming platform.

The device will be helpful in providing pleasure of gaming experience on a 50-inch screen, making the genre almost six times larger that any other virtual 3D gaming console has been able to offer.

With all these futuristic new gadgets of 2013, this will certainly be an exciting period for both the developers and the customers throughout the world. Everyone is eager to unfold the mysteries that technology is yet to reveal.

6. MakerBot Replicator 2

MakerBot Replicator 2
Brooklyn-based MakerBot Industries has been selling desktop 3D printers since 2009, and the Replicator 2 is its newest offering.

The same way that your inkjet printer lets you create things in two dimensions, a 3D printer lets you render objects out of plastic in three dimensions. Instead of buying every tiny thing you need, you can now manufacture it yourself without leaving the house. The only limit is quite literally your imagination.
7. Pebble
This long-awaited smartwatch will interface with your iPhone or Android phone to bring a heads-up display of sorts to your wrist.
Sure, it tells time, but it also tells you who's calling, who's texting, and when you're getting a new email. It'll even have an app store, so third party developers can go nuts extending its functionality however they see fit.

8. The 4K Televisions

Forget HDTV. 4K televisions will pump out images at four times the resolution of current HDTV displays. They're pricey, but after seeing them at CES, we think we might save up for one.

9. Ouya

The gaming world caught fire when the Ouya was announced – it's an Android-based gaming system designed to be as hackable and customizable as you like.
And not only is it a brand new console, it integrates with your home media center as well, offering its own streaming media apps for music and video. The console has so far been met with favorable reviews and we look forward to seeing them in the wild.
10. TrakDot

This little guy is intended to slip into your checked baggage at airports to make it easier to find if and when the airline loses your luggage. But why not use it for other purposes, like tracking your car if it should get stolen?

The service costs $13 per year to use.

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