Saturday, April 6, 2013

Seagate ship first 4TB – 1TB per platter drive

Seagate have released the first 4TB, 1TB per disk drive. This is almost 800,000 times larger than their first desktop drive which the company introduced in 1979. The new 4TB drive is available from 2nd April.

The new drive can handle 800,000 photos, 450 hours of high definition video or more than 1 million songs.

The new high capacity drive is priced at around $205 at NewEgg, TigerDirect and Best Buy and it designed for workstations, home office users and home storage users.

The performance of the drive is quite good, it averages around 145MB/s and is a low power consumption device. Seagate claim it will save 35 percent in power consumption over competitor units from Western Digital, Lenovo/EMC and Buffalo.

You can read more about the new drive, over here.

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