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Best online resources for CAT preparation

Take a look at the best free and paid resources for CAT preparation available online...
Best online resources for CAT preparation
In the past five years, the number of students opting for MBA has increased manifold, making it a highly competitive space for students. There are several popular coaching classes that prepare students for competitive exams like CAT, MAT, XAT, MH-CET and so on. Among these, Common Admission Test (CAT) comes across as the highly acclaimed test that lets students enter the prestigious IIMs. Students have now started taking industry experience quite seriously before pursuing MBA and many students opt for management studies after a significant amount of work experience. Such students who are preparing for CAT (while working) with time constraint or living in cities without coaching resources can conveniently opt for online resources. In fact, there are a myriad of resources online that will help you prepare for CAT.

Now you will find all necessary resources on the Internet; some are available for free while others may be available at low to high cost. There is a lot of free material and test series by various educational sites, and there are some professionals conducting coaching classes over Webinar or recording video lectures for students. 

Students or professionals looking to crack the exam with flying colours but face issues like time constraint or lack of classes in vicinity can opt for online courses. Some renowned options include MindWorkzz by Arun Sharma, BYJU’s classes and a few more. However, you will have to carefully chart out what you are looking for in an online coaching – online lectures from the comfort of home or in a class wherein you can interact with other students, classroom coaching combined with certain online lectures or pre-recorded videos, classroom coaching with online test package and so on. Let’s take a look at some of the best online coaching classes to prepare for CAT.

Arun Sharma, an alumni of IIM Bangalore, is one of the known names when it comes to online coaching. His online coaching class, MindWorkzz, offers live lectures wherein he teaches several students using webinar. In case of a query during the lecture, a student can conveniently raise his/her hand ask the question. Before opting for the class, one can check out their demo lectures. This is a good option for those really dedicated professionals and students, who would attend lectures from home. There are several online courses at MindWorkzz starting at Rs 5500. You can specifically opt for a particular section like Verbal or DI, or for the complete comprehensive course. One of the key advantage of this type of online coaching class is the convenience to attend lectures at home. So, if you spend 30 or 45 minutes travelling for a 2-hour lecture, online coaching will help you save that much time, which you can utilise probably studying.

A demo for Quant at Mindworkzz
A demo for Quant at MindWorkzz

BYJU’s classes
If attending a lecture all by yourself isn't your idea of studying, then BYJU’s classes are a great option. BYJU’s classes has centres across the nation. However, students have to come to the local centre and watch the online lecture there. In case of query, they can ask the local teacher present in the classroom. BYJU’s lectures are said to be awesome by many students. Going to the centre and attending it will also let students interact with others in the class. Before taking the final plunge, you can opt for free trial lecture. On the site, you will also find easy to filter free tests (Easy, Medium and Difficult levels) on Verbal, DI, Quantitative along with some mock tests. Students can also download the free e-booklet, a PDF with all shortcuts.

The online comprehensive test series package – including 4000+ online questions, 150+ chapterwise unit tests, comprehensive online feedback, special CAT files to practise techniques and strategies – costs Rs 5,000. Also, lay your hands on 20 online mock tests available on the site.

Apart from the horde of free prep tests and study material, TCYOnline also offers some premium courses. TCYOnline offers three online courses for CAT – Basic, Advantage and Premium, priced at Rs 975, Rs 1,450 and Rs 1,950 respectively. The Basic course contains over 250 chaperwise and sectional tests along with complete mock tests; the Advantage course also includes voice-based lectures and notes that you can download. The Premium online course contains everything included in Basic and Advantage, and also includes mock tests for other tests. TCY Analytics lets you compare your score with other test takers and know where exactly you stand.

Career Launcher
Career Launcher is extremely popular for its classroom coaching, and also has some online benefits. It doesn't conduct classes over webinar like MindWorkzz but offers an online MBA on Demand package that lets you learn at your own pace with 100 hours of recorded AV sessions and includes everything from practice questions and puzzles to former entrance exam questions. It also has a test series package that lets you take tests online, benchmark your performance and prepare yourself for any perceivable scenario. Both MBA on Demand and the test series package cost Rs 2,549 each.

Some more options include WizIQ courses by Ravi Handa. According to a student,both MindWorkzz and WizIQ courses are good for Quantitative analysis and have different unique selling point. Alchemist is a another good option, according to students who took it up on Their online programme includes lectures in the form of videos and PDF files. They offer video-conferences, online test sheets, e-books and discussion forums. Though not a big player, according to a forum member at Pagalguy, it is a good option for a more personalised interaction.

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