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eBay India 2013 Battle of the Gadgets: Samsung is top brand; Delhi leading city

Online retailer eBay India has released the 2013 Battle of the Gadgets report based on an analysis of all gadget transactions on the website in the quarter beginning April 01, 2013 and ending June 30, 2013. The report confirmed some old trends, while also throwing up some interesting insights about the popular categories of mobile phones, laptops, tablets, digital cameras and televisions.

More Indians are buying things online than ever before and this is not just restricted to the metros. Non-metro purchases have gone up by 35% as compared to Q2 2012. Ratul Ghosh, Head Strategy, eBay India said that the breakdown in terms of purchases favours non-metro buyers. “We see a great demand coming from consumers across metros, tier II and tier III cities. Interestingly, a key trend this quarter is the increase in the purchase of gadgets by consumers living in Non-Metro cities (51 percent) as against those living in the metros (49 percent)”.
Buying trends from Chennai and Bangalore
Buying trends from Chennai and Bengaluru

In the television segment, LED TVs are preferred more than their LCD counterparts. In fact, LCD TVs are on the receiving end of a surge of purchases for 3D LED TVs, which have outsold LCD televisions by two times.

Which brand is the leading seller on eBay? Unsurprisingly, Samsung has surfaced as the most popular brand with a 35 percent market share across various categories. That’s a healthy increase from last year’s 27 percent market share across categories. Samsung leads the way when it comes to mobile phones, tablets, smartphones and televisions. In the notebook category, Dell is the leading brand on eBay India, while Nikon reigns supreme when it comes to digital cameras.
Delhi was the overall leader when it came ot gadgets, followed by Mumbai
Delhi was the overall leader when it came to purchasing gadgets, followed by Bengaluru and Mumbai

In the smartphone segment, there has been a major surge in the number of purchases as compared to Q2 2012, while double the number of tablets were sold this quarter than the same period last year. eBay says a mobile phone is sold every two minutes on their site, with the bulk of the purchases being in the sub-Rs 5,000 category, followed by the Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 category.

Samsung’s Galaxy S Duos ended up with the most popular gadget crown, followed by Micromax’s A116 Canvas HD. Sony has also been a popular option for shoppers, with three of the company’s Xperia smartphones featuring in the top ten popular list. The Japanese company is also the second most popular brand in terms of overall purchases on the site, followed by Nokia, Micromax and HTC.

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