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How to install and run Whatsapp on your Windows PC

WhatsApp on PC
Meaning of this site.

This site will teach you how to install and use whatsapp on your PC computer easy and quick.
Everyone is used to whatsapp on the mobile phone, but a few know u also can have it in use on your dekstop.

We will help you step by step to accomplisch this. There is also video material to make it even more simple.
When you don’t have the ability to use whatsapp on your phone, or just want it on your computer, this is the site you are looking for.

Here are some screenshots

Step 1

Android application
First you have to download an android programm on your personal computer.
This has to be done before you download the Whatsapp application.
We need this programm to make use of Whatsapp, because this programm acts like it is your mobile phone.
The programm is an android emulator.

Nowadays I use a free application called Bluestacks. You can download This application  here:

It is very userfriendly and it is also available for MAC users. Also can you synchronize this program
with your android apps on your phone when you like that!!

here is an instruction for that: 
We did recommend “Youwave” in the past. Although it works fine it is limited by a 7 day trial period.
When you dont mind paying after several days or you just want to check the trial out.

Youwave is downloadable here:

Step 2

Whatsapp on your android application
When we have installed one of the android applications, we need to get Whatsapp installed in this application.

I will explain how to this for both applications from step 1.

For Bluestacks users. After you start Bluestacks and it is loaded , simply go to the search line and type in Whatsapp and download it.
It will appear among the other apps which are preinstalled.

For Youwave users. The easiest way to do this is to use the  Youwave application itself for it.
So we open and start Youwave. Click on view on top and click on online content.
We can see the Whatsapp icon beneath the online apps (click and run ). Click on it and run it.
This will download Whatsapp and place it in your Youwave. After it is done you can see the icon on the home page of Youwave.

You  also can download and install Whatsapp with the browser of Youwave going to this site:

Step 3

How to setup Whatsapp on your pc

After the Whatsapp application is installed and you run it, it will  asks for your personal details.
You have to fill it in and keep your phone in the near area. The number you fill in has to be correct.
You even can use your home phone instead of a mobile phone.

First you will get a text message from Whatsapp with a 3 digit number.
The install screen of Whatsapp will ask you to click on “call me”.
When u click on “call me”, an automatic call is made to your phone number.
A voice will tell you the same 3 digit number as the number they send you by text message. Fill in this number.

Last step is to fill in your name or nickname. Verification is complete and you are ready to useWhatsapp.
In step 4 we will learn you to add contacts and to useWhatsapp.

Step 4

Add contacts and whatsapp in use
To use whatsapp go back to your home screen of youwave or bluestack.

For Bluestack users
Just open your whatsapp application and click on the black menu button on the bottom left.
When you click on it you see contacts in the list. Click on it and add contacts.
After adding contacts, you can just click on your contacts to chat with them via whatsapp.

For Youwave users
Keep in mind this application is a replacement for a mobile phone. This way the contacts have to be added in the android application and not in whatsapp, like other messengers request.

Youwave is the main programm and whatsapp is an add.
On the home page of youwave we click on the green phone icon. We get a sort of call screen. Here we type in the number of a contact, who uses whatsapp. Next we click at the bottom on menu and click on add to contacts, next we click on create a contact and fill in the name details. This way we can add many contacts.
When you are in the contact list just click a contact and when he or she has whatsapp you can click on Whatsapp icon and chat with this contact.

You also can click on the whatsapp icon on the home page of youwave and click on the pencil for all contacts that use whatsapp.

Enjoy your whatsapp on your computer!

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