Samsung’s “unpacked” press conference yesterday at IFA 2013 was just the start for the South Korean company. Today, Samsung showed off a massive 98-inch Ultra HDTV, hinted at an even larger 110-inch model and teased an Ultra HD OLED TV aswell. 

Samsung 98 and 110 inch s9 UHD
Samsung said very little about its 98-inch S9 Ultra HD TV, instead letting the set’s scale speak for itself. Essentially, the display looks exactly like its smaller, 85-inch sibling, complete with integrated “timeless gallery” frame. Like the 85-inch S9, we can expect Samsung to pack the TV with all the bells and whistles. Samsung also addressed the lack of broadcast standard, explaining that, once a standard is settled on, owners will be able to update their Ultra HD TVs through a one-connect box exchange program.

If Samsung was light on details regarding its latest LED-based Ultra HD televisions, it was downright secretive about its plans to bring an OLED-based Ultra HD television to market. Samsung did little more than to suggest such a TV did exist and then encourage conference-goers to come check out it out at its booth. Since the company didn’t show off the TV at the press conference, we can safely assume the TV is very much in the prototype stage at this point, and not something Samsung wants to move around a whole lot. We expect to hear a lot more about Samsung’s Ultra HD OLED at CES 2014.