Saturday, September 14, 2013

Twitter Finally Wants To Make Money; To File For An IPO Soon

After trying its hands at different ways of monetising its microblogging service, Twitter has finally taken the Facebook route; it has filed for an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Once final, you can trade its shares and the company will finally make some money. Twitter chose to make the announcement, well through a tweet (what else did you expect?)

For those who want to know the economics and commerce behind the tweeted words, a report explains that under the SEC rules JOBS Act, that was passed in the US last year, "emerging growth companies" can file their S-1's (to go Public) confidentially, if the annual taxable income is less than $1 billion. The report further mentions that valuation of the company's secondary stocks puts it in the $10 billion plus range. Considering that promoted tweets is the only monetary component of the website, its low income capacity of the seven-year old company isn’t that much of a surprise.

Considering how FB stocks have picked up in the recent past, would have surely given the guys at Twitter the much-needed confidence. Apart from the IPO which will make it a Public Limited company, it has expanded its financial aspirations by picking up mobile advertising company MoPub earlier this week.

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