Friday, January 24, 2014

AMD 'Richland' A10-6800K processor overclocked to 8 GHz

AMD A10-6800K Richland Overclocked Review

AMD's new 'Richland' A10-6800K processor, which has been elevated to an impressive 8 GHz clock frequency by Finnish overclocker 'The Stilt'. At this speed, the chip is currently the record holder (#58) of all A-series APUs on the world ranking list. The absolute number one on the list is also an AMD processor, the FX-8150. About a year ago, this chip was overclocked to a record 8.7 GHz.

The overclockability of Richland APUs comes as good news for AMD. Of course, The Stilt didn't use standard cooling to increase the frequency of the A10-chip from 4.1 to 8 GHz. Instead, liquid nitrogen was used, cooling the system to -186 °C. This temperature allowed the core voltage to be increased to 1.992 volts. By increasing the base clock to 126.99 MHz and combining it with a 63x multiplier, the 8 GHz frequency was reached.

For his attempt, The Stilt uses ASUS' F2A85-V Pro motherboard, with 4 GB of DDR3. The memory was clocked at 846 MHz (1692 MHz effectively), with timings of 9-11-9-24-2T. The HWBot listing reveals that no special cooling was used for the memory.

Unfortunately, no images are available of the setup used, limiting us to the CPU-Z screenshots depicted below.


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