Friday, January 3, 2014

Top 3 PC Games For Ultimate Fun

The gaming industry is advancing in leaps and bounds with the incorporation of the enhanced technology and sophisticated hardware. The leading market players in this segment, Sony and Microsoft, are drastically changing the way gaming was looked at with their products  Playstation and Xbox respectively. Even with these coveted gaming consoles in the market, the entertainment that PC games provide is of no lessfun. The cheap prices at which they come makes fun double fold. 

#1 Guild Wars 2

The game developed by ArenaNet will take you to world filled with action where you have to combat fire spitting dragons. The multiplayer online game is set in the medieval period in the land of Tyria and provides the option to select the skill set, race and profession according to the gamers wish. If you want to take it to a big picture the ‘world v/s world’ feature will take it to cross server wars. The game free unlikeother  massively multiplayer online game.

#2 The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition

 As the name suggests the game has been a real fighter in popularizing the PC game developer ‘SNK Playmore.’ The 3 on 3 team fighting game will offer you same effects of gaming on a console while being on your PC. In addition to it the steam edition includes all the downloadable contents and added bonuses. King of fighters can be certainly called as the best fighter game available on PC.

#3  League of Legends

League of Legends presented by ‘Riot Games’ features two teams combating each other. The teams are placed on either side of the map and can be either 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5. You gain extra points and gold that can be used to upgrade your fighter’s ability and to get upgraded tools. On the way to accomplishing your mission you may have to face monsters, turrets and minions. The game is certainly an entertaining thriller.

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