Saturday, April 19, 2014

Withings Pulse

2014 Gear and Gadgets The road to six-pack abs and an all-round better level of fitness is made up of tens of thousands of steps taken, calories burned and elevated heartbeats per minute. This wearable smart activity tracker monitors all of that and more. To further assist you keep track of your progress, you can even pair it up with your iPhone or Android for more options and health statistics on the go. What sets the Withings Pulse apart from its competitors is the inclusion of an easy to use heart-rate sensor. Besides measuring your BPM at the gym to see when you’ve entered the zone, the product’s creators suggest you measure how much your heart rate rises before that hot date -- bet it’s not low. Another helpful feature is its ability to measure your sleep cycles to find out how long you are in light sleep, deep sleep or awake. There are plenty of useful things you can do with the Withings Pulse, it’s just up to you to keep track of your progress and use it.

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