Monday, May 12, 2014

Google Places Bulk Management Tool Integrates New Google+ Feature

Google announced new updates to its Google Places bulk location management tool this week, including a new Google+ social feature.

From Googler Jade Wang’s announcement in a Google Product Forum:
Each location in upgraded and verified accounts will have social features automatically enabled. To use social features on a particular location, like making a post, please hover over Live in the status column and click on the Google+ icon.
Also, Wang says each Google Places page will now have only one verified owner: “This ensures that multiple verified users for the same location are not automatically overwriting each other’s business information.”

According to the announcement, page owners will be able to assign manager access to other accounts to share the responsibility of updating data or posting social content. To add or delete managers, account owners must select the location and click on “Add managers” option.

Any location owners who no longer want to be a manager of a location can remove  the location from the account. Wang’s post offers detailed instructions on how to remove yourself as a manager from a location and resolve Owner conflict statuses.

The announcement included the following image to show what the bulk location tool will look like with the new features enabled:

Google locations bulk upgrade with social may 2014

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