Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to Get More Followers for Networked Blogs

Networked blogs are individual blogs on a specific subject that are all part of the same parent network. You can create your own network of blogs, linking each one to the other, with the goal of either creating a substantial residual income, or selling the entire network for a flat fee once it reaches a certain level of traffic. Either way, you must garner traffic for your networked blogs that results from both regular readers and random Internet searches.

Step 1
Link each blog together in some way so a reader on one blog can find the other blogs, which may then also become a part of his regular Internet reading list. For example, you can cross-link blog posts from one blog to the other, making sure they're relevant to each other in some way, as "Dog Grooming" might be to "Dog Shows." You can create a list of network blogs along the side, top or bottom of your blogs with a descriptive snippet of each site and what it's about.

Step 2
Mention the other websites on a regular basis. For example, make a post on your blogs once every a week listing what's new at the other networked blogs and what the readers might find interesting. Be sure to give the reader substance, however, or it will appear that you're spamming your own websites. Spamming involves pushing insubstantial information or inferior products on readers just to accrue page views and not providing them with true value.

Step 3
 Hold a promotion on one network blog and promote it on the others, or hold a network promotion that spans all the networked blogs. For example, have your parent network hold a network-wide virtual scavenger hunt across all the blogs. The winner gets a blog-related prize of some sort, such as tickets to a related local event, especially if it's yours, or a promotional t-shirt.

Step 4
 Promote all the sites using a central cial networking account. For example, set up a Facebook or Twitter account under your parent network's name and use that account to share popular links from your entire library of blogs.

Step 5
Get backlinks from other blogs, which are links to your websites on a blog or website that isn't your own. This is challenging, but will increase your search engines ratings, and, by proxy, your number of followers. For example, offer to write guest posts for free on websites with content similar to yours. You can also ask to be added to a blog's or website's own blog list, which is a list of links that webmaster thinks his readers will find interesting. Link to some posts on your blogs within your guest post that are relevant to the subject matter. This isn't spamming, because you have permission to post a useful article on a blog with links to your own relevant content. You should not, however, post links to your own posts in the comments sections on other websites, as this is considered spamming and is not viewed kindly by other bloggers.

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