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How to Capture More Leads from Facebook Events & Pages

Facebook Events :

Facebook is hands down the most important social media network to focus on when you want to make a serious income from online marketing. Even the Fortune 500 companies spend a bulk of their advertising budgets on Facebook and that shows that it must be important, otherwise they would put their efforts somewhere else. Unfortunately, most marketers don’t know how to fully use Facebook to fully capitalize on the huge opportunities it offers. For example, using Facebook events is a lesser known, but powerful way to capture leads and make a significantly increased amount of sales.

Facebook events allows you to set any type of event you would like to just by going to your Facebook Business Home page, clicking on “Event” in the left hand navigation and then choosing “Create Event”. You can then target who gets invited and even sell tickets if you like. If you are working to capture leads though, then you would probably want to offer a free event to get the most amounts of people to show up.

You can choose any type of event you would like, such as a Facebook Chat, webinar or other type of online event. You could choose to have a virtual party and offer everyone that agrees to attend something for free. Whatever you choose, make it something you know that your target market will be excited about. It’s important to make it relevant to the product you are trying to market. For example, if you market a self improvement product, you might hold an event that will help people learn astonishing secrets to help them improve.

When you create the Facebook event to get more leads, make sure you ask people to invite others and maybe give some sort of incentive. For example, featuring their image on the cover page of your Business Facebook account for a week is something that entrepreneurs love to compete for because it will give them free advertising. This way you will get a lot of people attending and talking about the event and that will result in more leads for you.

When you know how to use Facebook events to capture more leads, you might want to hold events often to keep a steady stream of new leads coming in. This is just one, effective way to continue making money through Facebook marketing. It’s quick, easy and affordable. If you also advertise the event, you could stand to get even more new leads to market to.

Facebook Pages :

As an online marketer or affiliate marketer, there is no better way to increase sales other than knowing how to capture more leads from Facebook pages. When you stop to consider that millions of people are actively using Facebook every single day, this social media network is the best place to get out in front of your target market and get leads for whatever product you are promoting. When you focus your efforts on creating leads from Facebook, versus getting Likes for your business page or comments on your posts, you will end up with a definite edge over the competition. This is because at the end of the day, what really matters is how many sales you are getting, not how many people like you.

Before you start to focus on getting leads, whether those leads are email addresses for your email list or to sign up for more information, you need to make sure your Facebook page is professionally designed. This is most often your first impression that people will use to judge whether or not you are trustworthy and you want it to be the best it can possibly be. This includes having high quality images and making use of the “About Us” page to allow others to get to k now you are a professional.

When your Facebook page is complete, the best way to start getting leads from it is to add specialized tabs that allow visitors to enter their email address in return for a free bonus. What you decide to offer for free could be an eBook, Video or some other digital product that is quick and easy to put together. Everyone loves something for free, so it will be very easy for you to get your target market excited about giving you their email address in return for the free offer.

When you have created the specialized tab on your Facebook page, you can then create a Facebook ads campaign to advertise that you are giving something away. You can expect more people to click on the ad because people just can’t resist getting something for free. This is an amazingly easy and powerful way to get tons of more leads that you can then send sales emails to than just asking them right off the bat to buy what you are promoting.

This is just one way to get leads from Facebook that will take your business to the next level. It’s surprisingly easy to set up and you can start to see results almost immediately. It’s also affordable because you can set any advertising budget that you want for the Facebook ads you place.

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