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Don’t just blog it…BRAND IT! 3 Steps to Effectively Branding Your Blog

The brand of a business is not only what it aspires to be, it is also partly how your customers view it. Branding comes from the products you offer, the experience your customers receive, and the lifestyle associated with your business. Consumers head to company blogs to find this information as well as tips and tricks, and news relevant to their lives. Here is how to elevate your brand by focusing on branding your blog.

1.) Focus on Content
Your business blog is a place to show personality while tying in your brand. By focusing on content, you’re connecting with potential and current customers. Here are a few topic ideas you can gear to your blog, industry and audience:
  • Trends – Trend topics in the news, your specific industry and your business are great places to start when it comes to creating content.
  • Studies – An article that compiles case studies, reports and surveys leads to shareable content with numbers, which are what many businesses and consumers are after.
  • Tips and Tricks – How-Tos, best practices, and lists of tips to become more successful are often successful blog posts.
2.) Focus on Consistency
If content is king, consistency is queen and is one of the most important steps in branding a blog. From the amount of times your post in a month or week to the tone each article takes, you need to be consistent. Here are the aspects of formatting you’ll want to think about when coming up with your blog branding strategy:
  • Format – Format includes the placement of images, logos or videos, where bullets and paragraphs are placed, as well as font choices and colors.
  • Tone – Does your tone need to be unbiased, sassy, serious or something else? Whatever it is, make sure it stays that way with each post.
  • Platform – Is your blog color scheme, tone and format consistent with your website and other platforms where your business is present? It should be.
3.) Focus on Customers
Your blog is a great place to reach new eyes and become a credible source but that all goes to waste if your visitors aren’t converting later on down the sales funnel. Consumers buy from credible sources so use your blog to become that. Focus on your customers wants and needs in order to become a credible source:
  • Loving Customers – Show your customers or clients some love on your blog. Chances are, they’ll share the information around and you’ll gain points as a brand that values their customers.
  • Asking for Feedback – At the end of each post, ask a question that will customers will want to answer. It could be about future product wishes or for feedback on a current service.
  • Acknowledging Mistakes and Successes – Businesses are run by humans and humans make mistakes. If your business happens to make one, use your blog to acknowledge it. Similarly, businesses will be successful and can reach new achievements. Share these on your blog.
Branding a business blog is about taking the customer and company into consideration and finding a blend between the two. Combining the content you want to share and the content the customers want to see that builds credibility as well as the consistency across your company’s communications are how you brand a business blog successfully.

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