Monday, February 13, 2012

Best Logo Design Tutorials for your Website - Tips & Tricks

Branding is very essential for any organization to survive in today’s industry and when we consider it, first thing comes in our mind is the logo. I would say company’s credibility highly depends upon the logo. A logo helps in creating visibility by contributing to your business’s likelihood so that it will help in growing and achieving success.

Logo designing is not an easy job for designers as they would have to explain the concept of client’s business in their designs with immense creativity. Keeping that in mind I thought of listing 15 best logo design tutorials that can improvise your expertise to its optimum level. Please take a look below:

1. Design the Firefox Logo in Photoshop

2. Environmentally Friendly Green Type Treatment

3. Make an awesome logo

4. Digg Logo Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

5. Skull Logo – Illustrator Tutorial

6. Logo Design Process and Walk through for Vivid Ways

7. Create an Origami Logo

8. Sony Ericsson Logo

9. Designing a Farm Honey Logo

10. Web 2.0 Logo Reflection in Vector format with Illustrator

11. How to Design a Logotype from Conception to Completion

12. Drawing the Volkswagen Logo

13. How to Create a Trendy Retro Type Treatment

14. Design a Grungy Circular Logo

15. Creating a crazy cool logo

Looking something at your budget?

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Please don’t forget to list any tutorial in comments below that you think should be listed in above logo tutorials.


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