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How to convert scanned JPEG to Editable Word File?

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It is always required to carry out certain editing over the hard copies of document specially in offices having archives of legacy paperwork, which was never save in any computer or where the electronic copies have since been damaged or misplaces or not compatible with the modern file systems. One such technology, which helps in converting the scanned JPEG files into editable word file comes, is the optical character recognition method. Though earlier it was very much expensive and was not accessible to everyone but today things have changed as these have become very much affordable. Now, you are not required to do things again in order to save it electronically since you have options to convert it into the editable word file. Let’s check how you can do so as under:

Step 1
First you need to scan copy of the file, which is supposed to be converted into editable word format. In case if it is scanned, this step automatically skips away. Make sure you the scanner is switched on and then connected to your PC or laptop and have the required drivers to carry out the show on your system. Now place the paper copy encompassing the image, which has to be converted into editable word file. Just push the scan button when everything is ready to get the scanned file over your file. Save it at your desirable location to start doing things on your own.  

Step 2
Repeat this step to get all the files or images, which you want to convert into editable word file. Now, launch your web browser of your choice and then navigate the free of cost OCR the Free of cost OCR simply offers the web based conversion of image files over the MS Word format, without having the urge or installing the additional software over your PC.

Step 3
In the third step, you are supposed to click over the button Choose File and then locate over the first image file over your PC and then need to convert the same for editing over the world file. All you need to do is to simply double click the file in order to select it or simply use the right click of your mouse to do the needful. Now the OCR comes into picture. If you find the sour image into PDF format with multiple pages make sure you separate the same into individual documents. A majority of PDF applications have the option of saving the current page over the new file, while the file size limit comes to be 2MB for the free OCR. 

Step 4
Now you need to choose the language for the output text and then enter the right security text captcha, which is seen over the graphics. Now simply click over the Send File. As per the size and the complexity of source documents, you would find the process of conversion taking place, which takes mere few minutes to complete. Click anywhere over the Text Recognition Window and then press CTRL in order to highlight the output.

Step 5
Now, you are supposed to press CTRL and C to copy the content over the clipboard, now simply open the MS word and create a blank document followed by simply pressing the CTRL and V in order to paste the content over the clipboard over the document. Now, you are free to carry out the editing thing over the world file followed by saving it as you are done with the same. 
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