Sunday, September 28, 2014

Chennai startup Frilp to provide feedback on products you want buy

Confused about a service you want to avail? What if your friends and relatives provide a feedback for that service? Wouldn’t that just end the confusion and make life easy? Frilp-which is short for friend’s help, is a Chennai based startup which is working hard to make your life easy by connecting you with friends online who can recommend products or services.
Frilp is an intelligent system that brings all your contacts on social networks, phonebook and office-network in one place and helps you quickly find businesses which your contacts have recommended. Frilp currently caters to Chennai and Bangalore regions only.
Frilp was co-founded by Shyam Anandaraman with Senthil Kanthaswamy in 2012 when he decided to quit his job at Goldman Sachs and return to Chennai. It all started when Shyam returned to Chennai and was busy setting up his new place. During the whole procedure, he encountered a lot of problems and this when he and Senthil got an idea to start Turing Research which then launched
Frilp is powered by an advanced algorithm and your friends that recommend services and shops that suit you the best. It has a mission to significantly reduce the time and effort that goes into discovering that one trusted business which you can use, at a time when you need it urgently.
It lets people discover and share valuable information within trusted members of one’s network, more efficiently and easily. It creates a platform to streamline and exchange important word of mouth recommendations.
Frilp has the honor of being one of the top start-ups to be incubated and seed funded by CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad to its credits. It was even chosen as one of the most innovative start-ups for the prestigious Stanford – Rajeev Circle Fellowship.
Frilp helps you in finding shops, services and businesses that were previously used or have been recommended by your friends, colleagues and other like minded people. It even instantaneously gets the right recommendations from experts in your network identified by Frilp whenever you have a specific need.
Frilp even gives you a chance to share your experiences, recommend shops and services which you absolutely love and help your friends and their friends in making the right decision. This in return builds a stronger community.
Frilp has a very hardworking team behind it which is working round the clock on cutting edge technologies in building the next-generation social platform for exchanging and sharing recommendations and trusted references within one’s network.
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