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A connection limit is not your problem because each member can have up to 30,000 1st level connections.

Instead, you have probably exhausted the 3,000 invitations afforded each member at the time they create their account. The 3,000 invitations is meant to be a lifetime supply of invitations.

However, you can send a message to LinkedIn Customer Service using the "Contact Us" link found at the top of every LinkedIn Help Forum webpage requesting additional invitations, but the granting of the additional invitations is by no means automatic. LinkedIn Customer Service staffers will look at the number of invitations you have sent compared to the number of acceptances you have received. If the ratio shows very few acceptances compared to the number of invitations sent, the conclusion will be you have been sending invitations to people you don't know, which makes it tougher for LinkedIn Customer Service to afford you more invitations.

In any event it might take 7-10 days for LinkedIn Customer Service to get to and process your service ticket. LinkedIn Customer Service staffers handle service tickets on a strict FIFO basis regardless of where the service ticket originated.

In the meantime you might want to consider developing strategies encouraging others to sent you an invitation.

By the way, your "profile photo" is non-compliant with the LinkedIn User Agreement (Section 10.2.6.), which stipulates a profile photo must be a personal photo or "head-shot". A logo is not appropriate, and LinkedIn Customer Service can and will remove the photo without notice.

LinkedIn Customer Service might otherwise have a difficult time finding such violations, but then most people don't expose their violations to the entire 235+ million members of LinkedIn in an open and public forum with active moderation coming from LinkedIn Customer Service staffers.

So whatever your rule for building connections in LinkedIn, I recommend some Tips for LinkedIn Professional Etiquette:
1. Never Go Generic
When sending invitations, always include a personal note in the invitation.  Answer the question: What is your connection to this person?  Go beyond something system-generated  like "Bob Smith has indicated you are a classmate at James Madison University" (when you know, if you did a little research, the person graduated 8 years before you).
For example, if you read an article the person posted on the alumni news section, be sure to mention that.  I also make a point to send a personal note back when I accept an invitation.  Never forget LinkedIn is about building professional relationships so start it off with professional courtesy.
2. Be Timely
When you meet other professionals in person (clearly the most valuable way to connect) and exchange business cards, get LinkedIn within 24 hours.  The other person will remember your conversation and appreciate your timeliness. 
3. Have a Goal in Mind
When you send a LinkedIn invitation to someone, what is your goal?  I find it refreshing when someone clearly states why she reached out.   I always try to follow this rule when I send invitations.  Is this someone I feel I can help his business or career through some form of collaboration?  Is this someone I just met and would like to get to know better?  
4. Stick to Your Guidelines
Be consistent with your personal guidelines for sending and accepting invitations.  Don't forget the other person has his own rules too.  Unless you are connecting to a LION, never assume.  Nobody wants to have his invitation rejected or ignored (archived).
So what are my 5 guidelines for getting LinkedIn?
1.       I accept/send LinkedIn invitations if I've had the opportunity to work with you
2.       I accept/send LinkedIn invitations if we have met in person 
3.       I accept/send LinkedIn invitations if we have spoken on the phone (and an in person meeting is not feasible)
4.       I accept/send LinkedIn invitations to initiate a professional relationship where online, phone and/or in-person collaboration is expected
5.       My goal in every LinkedIn relationship is to be able to recommend your services to other professionals who trust my opinion 
That’s it. Pretty simple.   I believe in quality of relationships, not quantity.   I believe in focusing on your needs, not mine. I believe in communication the old fashioned way.

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