Thursday, October 23, 2014

7 simple steps to find keywords for your website

 Here are the 7 simple steps:

1. Brainstorm
You must know your target visitors while writing your post. Your target visitors in
  • Geographical region may be local, national or world wide
  • Demographics may be male or female, depending on their age, income
From this you can find out who is your best customer.

2. Categorize Them
Create a set of keywords based upon type of products or services. Before categorizing you must have to do research for the keywords.

3. Research
  • To find out keywords use keywords research tools like wordtracker, Google Adword keyword planner.
We will prefer you to use Google Adword keyword planner as it is a free and accurate tool.

4. Compile
Compile your research of keywords. You can make three spreadsheets as all keyword tools provide.
  • Download your keyword spreadsheet by clicking on CSV on your keyword tool. It is in Microsoft Excel format.
  • And you get list of keywords according to their monthly searches.
5. Winnow
Now remove those keyword which are not relevant and having very low global searches for your website. With this you get decent list of keywords.

6. Determine Competitiveness
Each keyword phrase can be divided or broken down into specific level of competitiveness
  • Highly competitive
  • Medium competitive
  • Non competitive when competition is less than 1000 websites
Here is the best way to determine the competitiveness:

If you to determine that how many website are using a particular keyword then open Google and type the following syntax

“keyword phrase” for example if you write “Sandhu brothers” on google search engine then you will get number of sites which are using the keyword sandhu brothers.

you can also check the competitiveness of keyword with the traffic travis.

7. Choose Your Keywords
Now select keywords for your post that you want to optimize.
  • You have to choose your keyword according to their number of searches.
  • Relevancy to your website
  • Level of competition
Now we think you know the process of finding best keywords. Which is going to help you to optimize your post better way.

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